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Selling White Rabbit Cosplay Fursuit 300$ No Trades



Selling my old White Rabbit cosplay from Alice: Madness Returns. It's only been once for a photoshoot really. Asking for 300$ plus shipping, no trades.

The head is a modified DVC base with foam teeth. The eyes are plastic and vision is through the tear ducts. Vision is a bit limited and the head is quite small, but has an adjustable strap in it. The jaw is static, and I'd recommend maybe adjusting the head a bit to allow for more ventilation. I'd suggest opening up the jaw a bit more and maybe making the tear ducts larger.

The leg padding is attached to neoprene pants, and the legs have suspenders to keep them up as well. The tail is removable. The feet are EU size 38 and made from foam as well. All the claws are foam too. The gloves have the claws attached to them with a small finger extension to keep the shape of the gloves.

Includes the outfit as well, which is a custom red velvet coat with some distressing and custom golden vest with some really cool fabric that has a sort of wood grain texture. Both are lined as well and the vest includes custom made wooden buttons. The leg gaiters have custom made wooden buttons on them as well. The hat is custom made from foam. The only thing not included is the scarf and the white collar, since I can't find it anymore right now. If I do find it again I'll include it as well.

Fits about 164cm (5'3") tall, 70-80kg (155-175lbs). No alterations. Sold as is.

Buyer pays shipping and any eventual customs or taxes. I ship internationally, please contact me for a shipping quote. This ships from Germany!

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aka Cutter Cat
Figures. I'm over 99kg and 183cm. You might list this in pound and inches as well to help you sell it. Too bad you have to sell it. If it fit me, I would have bought it.