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Sellling customisables notebooks full of traditional art


I'm planning to sell a notebook full of drawings and sketches, whatever the commissioner wants. :D
The idea is to sell tradicional art too and offer my services as artist shipping to the world!.
I will be using marquilla for the price, if you want a sketchbook or another paper you will to add more to the cost, because a watercolors sketchbook cost at leas 30 USD.

$155.00 USD

- The notebook it' a marquilla block of 20 sheets and 165g/m^2. Sheets of 32x24.5cm.
- The technique I will use to the drawings will be gouache, pencil colors, watercolors, crayons and other things.
- I can draw humans or any animal, fell free to ask first for your characters. Yu can ask me for any characters you want.
- I draw fandom things (anime stuff, pokemon, digimon, etc).
- It can have NSFW pictures.
- Shipping it's included but if you want tracking number it will cost 25 USD more (sorry, I'm from Mexico and shipping it's expensive). TwT

Examples of my tradicional work: