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Semi-realism art


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Hello all!
I am again taking requests for practice
Only draw in semi realism. I tried to cell-shade and I didn't like, although it looks nice and not overloaded.

my example you can see here Userpage of SleepyHelen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
(I'm happy with the subscription)

The template for the application request:

The nature of the character:
Idea: (I love when the picture has any meaning or mini-story, but not necessarily. But if you have ideas, unusual things, thoughts about your character stesnyaytes to tell them )
Type of drawing: Portrait, bust, half body or fullbody (This item is actually my desire. That is, if I don't want to paint the floor of the body of your character and draw a portrait, please don't be offended, it all depends on my desire, time, inspiration)

Thank you!


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Xing Tian

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Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Shy wamu by XingTian any clothes refs are on the page also
Species: octopus
Idea: she could be getting ready to go out for a swim at the beach, like for a skinny dip or something, but is super embarrassed to go to the water because she doesn’t want people staring at her body
Type of drawing: a half of full body, tho a portrait would possibly be best......half body, go half body unless you want to do any of the others

Also thank you for the chance!


Your art is really cute! If you don't mind, I'll throw a couple of my girls in for consideration. Thank you for the opportunity.

: www.furaffinity.net: Ursus Arctos Bellus by curiosin
Species: Eurasian Brown Bear
The nature of the character: very sweet and kind, flirty, confident in herself, definitely a hipster
Idea: perhaps her dancing (she loves music festivals) or doing yoga or just enjoying a coffee at her local hipster cafe.
Type of drawing: beggars can't be choosers. I'll love whatever you decide on if you decide to draw her.


Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Cheetah Demon Dragon by KingBatman7 by curiosin
Species: Cheetah Dragon Hybrid
The nature of the character: stern, aloof, loyal, a complete hardass
Idea: perhaps her doing her military training- working out, boxing, practicing her sword skills, doing drills etc
Type of drawing: beggars can't be choosers. I'll love whatever you decide on if you decide to draw her.


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If you wouldn't mind considering me?
Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Jarren Reference Sheet by Jarren_Ironclaw
Species: Western Dragon
The nature of the character: pensive and curious, but standoffish to unfamiliar people at first. Slow to anger, quick to laugh or joke, always up for aimless wandering. Fond of food, sleep, and history.
Idea: reading something or inspecting a globe/map.
Type of drawing: half-body or full-body
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Thought I'd add my dude to the mix.
Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Gigabit Ref Sheet by GigaBiT
Species: Fox
The nature of the character: Hyper, but he can be shy at times.
Idea: Some sort of futuristic setting.
Type of drawing: Anything you choose would be fine with me.

Here's a few other pictures for ref.


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Sashimi King
Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Reference Sheet - Mai by Maimukai
Species: Chimeara
The nature of the character: Sassy, carefree, quick to anger.
Idea: Can be looking off into the distance longing for adventure or something silly, she loves to eat. Tearing into a steak ferociously with an expression of "What!?"
Type of drawing: Half body perhaps?

Thank you for the chance. You have very beautiful artwork.


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Your art is beautiful! I'm gonna go ahead and put my boyfriend in here so I can try to surprise him with art for valentines day coming up.

He's a buff (he made sure to make me emphasize buff) cheetah. All normal/natural markings. He does like having a hat on (as picture below). These are the two art pieces we have of him currently:
(Prefers to be buffer than this pic).
Species: Cheetah
The nature of the character: Calm, lovey, outgoing, relaxed
Idea: He loves gym stuff, so being in the gym or gym related activity.
Type of drawing: Whatever you prefer or is easiest for you!


Lurking Tigress
Reference: forums.furaffinity.net: Sasha Bengal, et al
Species: Bengal tiger
The nature of the character: usually easy going, can be very protective to vicious as necessary.
Idea: maybe her bio in the link above will lend some ideas? I'm happy to discuss this via pm if you like
Type of drawing: portrait or fullbody I suppose... or whatever you feel like I guess!

Thanks for the opportunity!


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Reference: www.furaffinity.net: Tenso Koumori by GenkeiZwei
Species: Bat
The nature of the character: Mostly quiet, serious, self concious
Idea: Other than reading, he enjoys photography and basketball , maybe this gives you some sort of idea.
Type of drawing: Whatever you feel like, I could use a cool image for my avatar.

Anyway thank you so much for this oppertunity, if you ever want your character pixelated, feel free to tell me and we can consider this an exchange.