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Hiring: Semi-realistic Crow Fursuit Head


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I'm currently looking for just quotes and examples. But I'm hoping to get a new fursuit head, as the one I made was just not something I'll use again and I'm just not cut out to make heads.

That being said, it would be of this character:

Russel on Toyhouse
I would prefer a moving jaw, and follow me eyes. But I'm just excited to see if anyone is interested!

At this time I have no deadline, and my budget is $500-800 USD. Thank you!
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My head of a bird starts from $ 600

There will be a completely plastic base with a movable jaw, so its cost is higher than the usual head of a soft frame.

Why in this case I will use a plastic base - it will be easier to paint and varnish.

The rest of the head will be covered with black fur.

I use cartoon plastic eyes - they give a great review!

A fan will be installed inside.

In principle, for $ 800 I am ready to work on this project! But shipping is charged separately! Depending on the country about $ 50-100


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Hi! I am a very new maker! I have experience in costume design and sculpture though, I know this post is a little older, but if you’re still looking, I’d love to discuss? I love birds and a cute character like this would be so fun to make!