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Send me Art Requests (pls read)



Hi!! I am trying to get out of my art block, and i just got my new huion tablet so id like to see if anyone would be interested in giving me some requests. i like to draw cutesy stuff, and can do furries, just be sure to give me either lots of direction or references please! my imagination hasnt been that great lately lol. attached is an ex of my digital tablet work

edit: just adding more info. I will accept 5 slots. I work full time so please have patience. I can do nsfw and sfw, just specify which please. I can do pixel, gore, human, and abstract as well.



A baby
Is it okay if I link my Toyhou.se and let you pick whichever of my OCs you would like to draw? I only really have 1 anthro character but I have quite a few humans and fandom related OCs


The Comment Cavalry
Hello! I'd be happy if you could draw my fursona! His name is Ryan. He is a 6'2 tall blue sapphire ocelot. His stripes are a midnight blue, but slightly darker. I'm still working on his personality. He has brown hair in a kind of classic taper haircut, but with bangs. He has sky blue eyes. If you need more information on him let me know! Sfw by the way. I don't have any references, but that means you would be the first to draw Ryan!
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