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Samantha Meade

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Hey everyone, my name is Fox and I try to stay pretty active in the community. I say that to mean I make a lot of art and meet a lot of furs online. See, I can't really get a fursuit or go to cons for a few reason the top ones being;
1. It's expensive
2. I live somewhere where cons are quite a drive (6 hours)
3. I'm a closet fur to those I know in real life.

3 is the main reason. I have friends and I do think they're suspecting that I am a furry but they tend to make fun of furs. They make fun of a lot of things though, we all tease eachother, it's what friends do.

Alright, now for why I'm here. I suspect my boyfriend is a furry just like me and that would be absolutly amazing! I can't tell though...

I can't just ask either, when I tried to bring it up he got kind of embarassed and he managed to change the subject on me.

Here's my evidance:
He's been playing a game called Space paws or furry typhoon riders (it's something like that) (it's a naughty game)

when I asked about it he said it was just a good naughty game, he said most you just click a button and something happens.

weird thing is before this he would always (like I said earlier) make fun of furs.

He likes it when I purr too.

I can't just ask straight out, he avoids it. I'd really like to share all of my art with him and not just the feral stuff. It would be nice to actually know a furry besides me in real life.

I need advice please.

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Number one point of advice: being a furry isn't a big deal.

True your friends might be weirded out about it at first, but if they really like you, they'll get used to it. And if it's not super important to tell them, you don't have to. To me, being a furry is not any different to being an anime fan. As long as it doesn't consume your life to the point of making you unbearable, no one cares.

And you can still make fun of furries afterwards. I make fun of furries all the time. There's nothing wrong with having a sense of humor about it.


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I'd say the chances are high that he is, or at least, has a strong interest in it.

One, he's playing a furry video game, and enjoying it.

Two, he used to make fun of furs: Often, people make fun of things they are afraid to admit that they see in themselves, a common defense mechanism: they project their rejection of this part of themselves onto others. (You see this fairly often in people who are homophobic, and then, turn out to be gay)

Three, he likes when you purr :p

So, I'd say chances are pretty good. Maybe you could share some artwork with him, and see what he says? I mean, from the sounds of it, it seems like he'd enjoy seeing it, and maybe you could talk more then.

As for everyone else, you can just let them know as you're comfortable with it; and if ya can afford a con, nobody is likely to recognize you anyway, and even if they did, well, you'd just be meeting another local fur :)

Hope everything works out, there.


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Welcome to the forum, love.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

Things that I intended to suggest have already been suggested. Cheers!


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Good advice has indeed been given.

Welcome to the forum. Please enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forums :)

I'll pretty miuch second what others have said here ~ It needn't be a big deal. I mean, I'm still "me", but being a Furry is simply one "aspect" of me. I'm a true creative at heart, so it really ties in with that part of me. I haven't " come out" because I don't really feel I need to (besides which I have no friends in real life to tell anyway and my family already knows I'm wierd XD) Also many of us don't have suits, for pretty much the same reason as you (lots of £££), or simply because we're content enough to just express ourselves through characters in different ways, like through art, forum chats or RPG's.

As long as you have fun you'll be just fine; loads of really nice people here in a supportive Fandom :D