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[Serious] What Are Your Weaknesses?


boi...chill out!
-I'm my own biggest critic. I regularly tell myself I am the worst at everything I do. The worst writer, worst drawer, worst musician, worst student. I even convinced myself that suicide would be a good thing for me.

-My self-esteem is very low. I have no self confidence at all, but from the look on my face and my actions, you wouldn't really know it. Honest to God, I'm so freaking insecure, its not even funny. I have at times resorted to putting others down in order to prop myself up. As someone who was bullied from elementary through high school, its sad that I have at times become a bully in order to feel good about myself.

-I enjoy spending time alone in my room instead of interacting with people. In all seriousness, I don't think I have any friends in life because I don't/can't foster relationships or rather I forgot how to.

-I'm very judgmental. I have a set of standards I hold others too and judge them unfairly. For instance, I think people who smoke pot and drink are the worst people in the world.

-I don't ask for help. I truly believe that if I ask for help, people will look down on me and above all, I hate being pitied; that just makes me mad.

-I don't' express my feelings. When I was depressed, I told no one because I didn't want people to think I was "crazy".

-I have identity issues. Like the OP, I am also bi, but have come to reconcile my faith with my sexuality. If God truly has a problem with it, why did he make me this way? That said, I have only told my cousins that I'm bi because I don't want to feel "weird" or seen as abnormal. My mother wouldn't care neither would my father if he was still living, but I can't tell her the truth for some reason.

-I lack empathy for others. I'm not saying I don't/can't emphasize, its just that I struggle with it and at times will come off as cold and heartless.

-I'm kind of a self-hating. I'm not saying I hate being black, but we do alot of embarrassing shit and I don't like being lumped in with the hood rats and thugs.

-I'm afraid to try new things.

-I'm scared of change.

Yes, I know I'm screwed up mentally and emotionally, but it was worse a few years ago.


Lost in the Static
I have a hard time focusing on school.
I don't know when to keep my mouth shut.
In video games, I am always getting in trouble for stupid shit.
My mood is greatly affected by my surroundings.
At least I am not my old self. I used to be overly emotional about everything. Luckily, I grew out of that phase. I also stopped believing in a god, which set me free from the grasp of religion. I can eat shrimp and wear multiple fabrics without worrying about going to Hell.


Drank ALL the Coffee!!!
All the words.

I could have wrote some of this. Also, I read A D D as Add and was thinking wow that is something really basic to put in a short list of weaknesses...

A) I tend to overload myself often and easily. As such I get very anxious and worked up over projects not going as planned, or taking longer than expected.
B) I am really good at getting a project "acceptable". With that being said staying on one track and finishing fine details are almost impossible. 90% of the work gets done immediately and 10% takes up the rest of the deadline.
C) Highly impulsive and I tend to do/say things I regret later. Cheapskate and good at it out of necessity though.
D) No tolerance for laziness or complete idiocy. Even in myself.
E) Easily become addicted. Caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Also become emotionally dependent on people easily...
F) etc etc...


you are me, and i am you
i get tuckered out very quick both mentally and physically.
i'm not very dutiful.
i have no practice in hand-to-hand combat whatsoever.
I have a big problem focusing on things and work.
i often get confused over the simplest of things.
I have a very hard time accepting other peoples points of view on certain things.
I'm not very handy in terms of household troubles.

Now you may use them against me for some extra critical hit chance.


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Extreme social anxiety and also my passivity in general such as the inability to stand for my own opinions and let other people be above me always


Keeping up a one-on-one conversation in real life... I suck at speaking vocally in general.
Physically, I am very weak. I'm a skinny little twig you could snap in half, but it's a good thing I never have been in a fight nor do I ever give anyone the incentive to fight.

Other than these, I have a very stable mind.
Overall I prefer to remain silent in discussions which tends to end with me not contributing to anything
I have very little loyalty to anyway , luckily my friends seem to be very....forgiving about my constant backstabbery ( never much serious but I'm pretty sure it irritates them)
I'm really bad at talking with people I don't usual talk with much and end up sounding stupid


Vanguard of Solitude
Lordy so many that could be written down. I'll just give a couple.

I'm very lazy. I can't be had to always do what I need to because i just don't want to. So rather than do say school for example I'll end up burning my day talking to a couple people or playing games. It really turns to a weakness because I can start working, convince myself I need a break after awhile and then never head on back to finish it.

I'm pretty untrusting/apathetic towards others. I don't have but maybe a few people I consider friends, intact most people I meet are more acquaintances because I don't think of them as friends. As such this leaves me to feeling isolated now and again. It for the longest time meant I had sub-par social skills. Slowly getting some social skills so I can interact with others but overall I still prefer to be off on my own.


New Member
My inability to speak my deep feelings.
It's like a leash that tugs sharply at my throat whenever I try to connect with someone.


The classy Captain Furfag
My biggest weak is the social aspect of my personality. My childhood friendships pretty much happened by themselves so I didn't have to do much. And today I have no idea how to interact with others, especially that I'm always afraid of sounding like a creep or being too invasive.

If we go a step further and talk about relationships, it's even worse. I start to realize the bullying I endured from girls has hurt me quite a bit more than I thought. Somehow, coming from girls, that bullying was more hurtful than the same bullying coming from other guys. Now just the idea of getting into a relationship makes me nervous... I need more time because I'm still too untrusting.

Anyway I will be very surprised to be in a relationship if it ever happens, because I really don't think I am physically attractive at all. I've got a figure that's quite close to this. <_<


I have what I call hero syndrome. I try to save everyone and often think of myself last.
I'm also way to concerned with how an ex-flame of mine is doing partially out of guilt and also out of the fact that despite how things turned out I care deeply for them even though I'm married.
I'm also lazy, and really really bad with managing money much to my own dismay.


I don't like any form of obligation or being tied down. Therefore no relationships, marriages, etc


More Metal Than You !!!
Low self-esteem, an inferiority complex, crippling shyness, a bunch of other issues i'd rather not talk about publicly, and alcoholism.


Lost in the Static
When I get bored, I have 2 modes: falling asleep, or bouncing off the walls.

Hikaru Okami

Radiant Wolf
Motivation is my BIGGEST weakness. Other weaknesses are being too hard on myself, my poor vision (I see it as a handicap...saw what I did there), and putting others over myself. Can't help others if I can't help myself first.


1. I am oblivious to everything. This includes social interaction. If someone likes me or if flirting with me I will NEVER know unless they actually say "I am flirting with you"

2. My emotions rule me. This means that I always display what I am feeling on my face and that I get irrational when upset.

3. Being right. I have a bit of a tendency to need to be right. I have gotten better but it's still there. If I do something wrong and am upset about it I will not admit I am wrong until I have calmed down and even then it's only to myself. If other's ask I will still say I was right just to save face.

Matt Conner

New Member
I'm completely unmotivated, although I pick up new stuff quickly, I can't be bothered unless I find it entertaining. I feel like I'm wasting everybody's time and money just coasting through school the way I am now. I'm pretty lazy too, although I suppose that goes hand in hand with being unmotivated, eh? Although I am open-minded and very easygoing, I'm also stubborn as fuck, especially when it comes to important relationships like my family and my SO. I'm often too proud or two much of a know-it-all to just let little things go, and so ridiculous fights can sometimes spring up from the most innocuous of comments. If I'm not careful, I can also let myself be a doormat. (Door Matt?) I'm not a very confrontational person, so sometimes that means I won't stick up for myself when it really counts. Getting picked on in middle school and picking up after my slob-ass room mates who don't seem to care that the apartment is so filthy before break that it would undoubtedly stink and be infested with flys by the time we got back from break are good examples of this.


cold weather, geting sleepy and when someone says something not nice to me(i could start crying) iam very sensetive
shyness and my social anixety
i hate it when many people are around me.


Lost in the Static
Hot cars and cold rooms. Both make me want to fall asleep.