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Server Hardware Fault

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as of this post

Total Collected:
US $6,931.35
# of Payments:

are the standings... i wish i myself could have helped out but i can definitely say... OMFG!!!! to everyone who donated even a cent... thank you :) this is the truth behind the FA community... our community... was in need, and those who could, broke their piggy banks and gave all they could... a special thanks to you indeed. it restores my faith in humanity to see so many people actually care about something like this.

and again, a a heartfelt thank you goes out to the moderator team for keeping the site running as smoothly as you can, working your hardest to fix everything, putting up with the drama, and just generally caring so much about the FA community, from what i hear often giving out of your own pockets to take care of it.


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i did not donate :( Wish i could of though. Im going to canada next month and am completely financially unable to help. wont even have enough money to stay for 1 month like i had planned but will still stay because a friend will help me there. But great job everyone who donated. It shows we stick together.


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bout time we are getting a new server


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If Fur Affinity were to apply to be a US charity, the exchange of letters and phone calls would be a heck of a lot of fun to watch, but the result wouldn't be what we're hoping for. ("We are sorry, but after careful consideration, we conclude that 'furry porn' is not fit the charitable classification of 'educational literature'.")

Hahah XD That’d be definitely interesting to read, yes XD


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so thats what, ~$7000 in 2 days? That link on the 403 error page helped a great deal I am sure, as visiting these forums is a pastime few of the member base would seem to indulge, but checking the site to see if its back up yet is something that most users would be doing daily once they realize that it down.

It is good to know that this community has enough members willing to pay their dues to help bring this service back as soon as possible... I cant think of many communities of this size who would be so quick to donate their hard earned money for a service they were used to getting for free; clearly an indication that we don't take FA for granted :grin:


Due to the 4th of July weekend we have no choice but to wait until Monday to put in the order as it is. So we'll continue to try to raise money into this weekend.

At this point, we'll be adding a Dell PowerEdge 2970 and 1950 to the system. As more donations come in, we'll add more RAM to existing servers and see what we can do about upgrading other things, like processors. We could potentially jump the DB server to dual quad-core CPUs and add much more firepower to the entire system.

We will be improving everything across the board. Everything.

Awesome, thats what I wanted to hear *muurs* =D

Hardware aside the team should consider making software tweaks all the same, the biggest downside to FA that I have noticed is the complexity of the menus and general interface, especially to new comers :3


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I am very glad to see that there are generous furs within the fandom. I donated $100 myself not meaning to brag but still, it shows how close knit the FA community is.

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*rock fingers* W00T! And people think furries are heartless sex addicts.

Almost 7 grand in the matter of days! You guys need to give yourselfs a pat on the back. I'm donateing today as it's payday!:D

We Require Moar RAM!!


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I wish I could donate, but I just can't do it. That however doesn't mean I don't care, because I do want to see things get better for the servers and stuff, I'm just not financially able to help out like I would've liked to. I do wish the team luck in getting everything up as quickly and smoothly as possible.


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I didn't realize FA pwned the target goal by 3k.....heh I just asked for the Paypal info so I could send too. Still gonna contribute though and whenever I can in the future.


Let's see if we can hit 10K by Monday. :D
That's bound to keep FA running for about forever. And make the coders happy. And give us a shiny search bar. And make me stop replying on this forum.


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It's good to see that even a small fraction of this large community manages to pulll togheter such a huge amount of money in only a matter of days.

Way to go everyone! :-D
Happy Furth of July to the neighbours south of Canada!

On the note of the serer, I would have donated myself but Im kinda broke from being sick and my paycheck being shorted this month.

im glad things will once again after the weekend be back up and running smoothly soon


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Not so long ago, I found FA... (She told me?)
It's quite a nice site, or... I think it's the best Furry Fandom[FONT=&quot][/FONT] site there is, because it's pretty much free of prejudice (as far as I know)..
Now I want it up as fast as possible..
-sending random amount of money to FA-


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So clearly the Amazon counter is broken again -- it hasn't budged from [FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica][SIZE=-1]$6,931.35 for at least a day. Any bets on where it will be when it updates again? If the donation trend has kept up, it may well be at $10K by now (and that's not even counting the PayPal donations).

Dragoneer-or-anybody-else-who-would-know, is the counter the amount that people have donated, or the amount that FA will actually get? (Amazon keeps 2.9% plus 30 cents of each donation; so with 289 donations and $6931.35 on the board, that means Amazon will have kept about $216 for the 2.9-percent part, plus $86.70 for the 30-cents part -- about 300 bucks in all. What's not clear is whether the 'tote board' shows the total before or after the 300 bucks have been taken out.)


WOW!! I just wanna say, congrats everyone on raising SO much money!
I donated my pitiful contribution, but now I don't feel quite as bad about being poor, since everyone else chipped in as well. ^^ Good job team!


Wow I'm impressed with all of the donations! Yayz and thanks to everyone who donated! You can really tell when a website is more of a community when everyone can pull together and help out when times are hard.

*Pat everyone on back who was able to donate*



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Hey all;

Holy crap, great job everybody! But don't think I'm not going to chip my $$$ in as well, as soon as Paypal confirms my account.

OH well! At least we can see the full magnitude of people at their best, willing to give what they can for the good of their kind. ^_^

Makes me proud, and definitely helps to restore my faith in the fact that world isn't full of stupid people. At least, not totally. : )

Keep it up everybody! This way we'll have our server back, and we might even have enough for another one! Woot!


edit: you know what, nevermind.

Let me just say this,
if it were actually worth paying money for this site, I would.
If you all offered something, say like a pay service, in return for a monthly donation I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Further edit:
Seriously, offer something in return for my money. Say, like Deviantart.
Offer larger thumbnails, bigger upload disk space, ability to have a "paid featured artist", SEARCH FUNCTIONS, maybe even a print service.
Even say, an ad free environment.
I would be willing to pay upwards of 10$ a month for this, and I'm sure MANY here would as well.
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Holy crap
I can't believe people pay for this.

But, then again, these people have a sophomoric obsession with sex and porn, so it's only logical that they pay for this.

... even when half of these people don't have steady jobs.
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