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My name is Theo.
I was a furry a long time ago but had to take a break because of the German fandom which became more immature and arrogant with time. I think it's on a good way again and so I'm stumbling back into the fandom. But now internationally.

Anyhow, I'm also a hobby artist. Sometimes I will take requests or trades. And yes, commissions as well, of course. Other hobbies are photographing, camping, reading, writing and long hikes in forests and mountain areas. Sadly, I'm in Berlin so I have to travel to be at such green places. Maybe I'll move into the “Schwarzwald“ one day.

I never knew about the forums. But I'm always open for new adventures so I want to try it. Hopefully, I can get some great inspiration here.

If you had any questions or were interested in getting to know me, message me whenever you want to.

Mr.Evergreen aka Theo


Woof? Woof
Welcome back to the fandom, mate.

I hope you enjoy your stay.