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(Watermarked out of habit! Will send buyers the unwatermarked version of their character)

Eve- $5 USD
Gender: Female
Personality: Eve is a cat who is practically only happy when she is outside. She enjoys hunting, fishing, and just napping by a warm campfire. Her favorite food is cooked deer and she enjoys the company of other cats and occasionally dogs, but it depends on the dog (since she finds some annoying). She loves to explore and see what can be found out in the wild.

Physical Description: Very subtle green with patches of brown tabby markings. Has soft yellow eyes and a pale cream underbelly as well as paws.

Sunshine- $3 USD
Gender: Female
Personality: Sunshine is a blind yet independent and cheerful cat who likes to sit outside on nice days, enjoying fresh outdoor scents. She enjoys spring in particular, as she can pick up the scents of new life. She gets very energetic by simply sunning herself and she doesn't need much sleep to function.
Physical Description: Sunshine is a dark yellow-toned cat with toned green markings. On each side of her body, she has one sun-like green marking her legs. She has pale blind eyes.
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Sarah- $3 USD
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarah is a cat who possesses the power of magic, whether it is dark or good is her call. She is mysterious and introverted, preferring to be by herself wherever she is. She doesn't open up easily.
Physical Description: Sarah is a pale cream-colored cat with gray markings on her eyes and tail, as well as pale ginger markings on her flank. She has orange eyes which also have yellow pupils.
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Alfie- $3 USD
Gender: Male
Personality: Alfie is an outgoing cat with a passion for adventure. However, he is also scared of things like insects and shadows. He likes to cook as well.
Physical Description: Alfie is a grey-brown cat with green stripes and a few purple-spotted markings on his fur. He has cheerful green eyes.
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Kenneth- $5 USD
Gender: Male
Personality: Kenneth is a laid-back feline who prefers to stay indoors while reading or playing video games. However, he has a sense of curiosity about him that gets him into trouble.
Physical Description: Kenneth is a light brown tabby tom with cream paws and tail-tip along with lighter brown fluff on his chest. He has dark green eyes.
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Payment & Claiming Info
- Please pay using PayPal (I will send you the link once you claim!) and I will DM you the unwatermarked version of the OC of your choice!
- Please credit me for the creation of the base and design if you decide to post the specific image!
-I worked hard on these, so if you like these designs but can't support, please consider sharing them! :) I'm making a ton of adoptables.

-PayPal link is: https://paypal.me/fernshine861?locale.x=en_US