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Seven Tails Graphic Novel

Leon Wit

Peanut Butter Eater
Hello! I wanted to tell you about an upcoming graphic novel, "Seven Tails".

It's a story about two sisters, Andell and Celes, who go on a world-wide adventure to find someone named Seven Tails. They live on a fragment of a world, referred to as the Moon, and the story contains magic and mythical creatures. The plot features a mystery of what happened to their world, and how Andell will be involved in its future.

The story is an adventure drama, spanning over multiple books. It's family friendly, so anyone can read it. It is geared thematically towards young adults and adults. It is a fantasy story with a style of melancholic beauty. It will be available in printed format. The current progress is page 190 of the linework of book 1. There is a Patreon, if this interests you greatly: Leon Wit is creating paintings and "Seven Tails" | Patreon

Pictures about the story:


A fan character running through the Sand Sea


Andell discovering a mourning Legacy


Legacy is so fast, she can run on water


The protagonist, Andell​


Perpetual Dreamer
Beautiful style... O.O