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SFW Character Art! Headshots to Fullbodies, Light Backgrounds too!

Dakota Jane

One Funny Bunny
Hello Everyone!
My name is Dakota, I'm in a tight spot money wise right now and I'm looking to sell commissions!

My specialty is character art, please feel free to look at some examples,




I can do a variety of species, including humans too!
Prices start at 5 dollars for a head shot, 10 for a bust, and 15 for a full body!
5 dollars extra for flat color and 5 dollars extra each for any additional character in the piece.

Light backgrounds as shown in the examples are free, but a more complicated one will be extra (this can be discussed based on complexity).

I have a preference for SFW imagery, but I can do pinups if interested.
I will NOW DRAW: Mecha, NSFW, Fetish Material.

I hope I can draw something for you soon!