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(Commission) Selling: SFW Commission Info [6.00-20.00 Price Range] Paypal only.

Simon Sweet

Commission info! Long story short, I want to start making money and have to fix my door lmao; If anybody is looking for commissions and like my art, feel free to message me!

Sketches- 6.00
Colored Sketch- 8.00
Drawing from head to shoulder- 15.00
Full body- 20.00 with shading, 10 w/o!
Full drawing of anything else-with shading and all- 20.00

Message with your request and if I feel comfortable with it I'll begin; I will send the sketch halfway through and after you approve it, I will finish the drawing. The payment will be sent before I send the artwork. :)

My background skills are limited and I will not draw anything offensive or downright wrong, but I trust ya’ll! I’ll draw oc’s, gemsonas, existing works,-If for a podcast or media without an existing design you can feel free to tell me what you think! I’ll send my sketch when done with that so that you can approve; When the drawing is finished I will ask for payment and then send the artwork.