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(Commission) Selling: SFW Commissions Open! $10+ Feral & Anthro


New Member
Hello strangers! I've got some commissions open at the minute to build my savings over this summer.
My prices are in USD.

  • Chibi: $10
  • Bust: $15
  • Fullbody: $20
Sketches are monochrome by default, +50% of the base price for rough colors.

Flat Colors:
  • Chibi: $15
  • Bust: $25
  • Fullbody: $30
Simple Shaded:
  • Chibi: $20
  • Bust: $30
  • Fullbody: $40
Complex Shaded:
  • Bust: $35
  • Fullbody: $50
+$15 for a simple background without props and/or including only immediate surroundings.
+$30 for a detailed background scene including many props and/or expansive views beyond the character.

I can be contacted via this forum or on Discord at dweeblet#4075 (I check messages daily, though I may not reply right away due to timezone differences). Further information & examples can be found on my carrd.

And here are some examples of my best art!
1. Detailed shaded fullbody with complex background.

2. Simple shaded chibi.

3. Complex shaded fullbody with simple background.

4. Simple shaded chibi.

5. Complex shaded fullbody.

Please send me a message if you have any questions or are interested in my work! Thank you.