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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) (SFW) Grab-bag MSPaint Character Designs


God's Worst Nightmare
howdy my previous thread... disappeared? and i have no clue how that happened. for the love of god please help me
design mspaint jan2021.png

do you need a quick character design? are you endeared by mspaint artists? do you not fear the greater elements beyond our comprehension? give me a vague description and i will Absolutely Snap just for you <3
  1. $15 USD for Simple Design (solid colors / basic gradients & simple patterns; few repeating motifs; faster turn around time)
  2. $30 USD for Complex Design (complex patterns and use of color; intricate details; various layers/segments; etc)
  3. Will be designed and drawn on MSPaint.
  4. Turn around time of 1-3 hours after confirmation (i.e. the moment i tell you i've received your payment and am ready to start).
  5. You will get little say in the design process: you may demand colors, character type*, and a specific theme, but aside from that I will take things as suggestions for the design. Part of the price you pay is for this reason--that and the speed.
    1. *Character types include feral/animal, anthro/furry, gijinka, mecha, human, et cetera. I will be able to draw everything and anything in-between. If you are unsure, the answer is "yes" but you may ask anyways. :)
  6. The character you get is now yours to toy with and develop as you see fit. Please credit me on furaffinity (~mm-d) or deviantART (mm-d) whenever posting the original design or direct iterations, but aside from that, just go ham. It's your city now.
  7. With that said, I reserve the right to refuse a commission to anyone.
  8. Payment will be made upfront and through Paypal. Feel free to discuss other methods of payment with me, as long as I get the cash moneys.
As a bonus, the characters shown in the top example are also for sale!
The left is $30, the right is $15. This is a first come, first serve basis.​

in the future i will offer more robust services than this (e.g. actual, better design commissions that y'all have more control over) but ngl fellas i need a quick multiple bucks and for some reason my brain stops me from advertising bigger commissions immediately

Thank you for your time! Music make you lose control


God's Worst Nightmare
some further examples of character designs i've done, though they're not on mspaint:
ref fuyumi 1 smaller.jpg

ref freiya tran.png

guessadopts 1.png
ref lucidite lotada 1.png

green ref 1.png

snow ref 1.png



God's Worst Nightmare
ah, maybe i should provide more mspaint stuff too. Behold, in the Attached Files,


  • ulysses ref 1.png
    ulysses ref 1.png
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  • ulysses ref 2.png
    ulysses ref 2.png
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  • the furry designing time get it because clocks.png
    the furry designing time get it because clocks.png
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  • tits.png
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  • commission 8uny kokai.png
    commission 8uny kokai.png
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  • abstraction bonanza.png
    abstraction bonanza.png
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  • party time.png
    party time.png
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  • funny fella for jams.png
    funny fella for jams.png
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  • and now we've lost it.png
    and now we've lost it.png
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  • magical kids.png
    magical kids.png
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God's Worst Nightmare
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