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I have a site right here where you can view the pieces in a streamlined fashion (mobile friendly)
If you wish to commission me, you can either contact me here, on fA, or email me at univorn.comms@gmail.com with your order.
My turn around time is up to a week. If it will take longer than that, I will let you know

I can also do ref sheets and multiple characters in one piece. The price would be on a piece by piece basis.

Terms of Service
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission
  • Payment will be done through invoice on Paypal and no work will be started until I am paid in full
  • You cannot claim that you did the artwork and must credit me when posted elsewhere or used
  • I usually post the image after completion to use as commission examples. If you want the commission to stay private, please state so in the e-mail.
  • These commissions are for your personal use and enjoyment, not for profit. If you wish to commission me for commercial work, please state so in the e-mail
  • Once a piece is completed, I can make minor adjustments to the piece, up to 3 times
  • Refunds are only issued if I cannot complete the piece, or cancelled before I line it
I can draw furry/anthro/humans/monsters/feral. Basically anything. Just ask.
I don't draw NSFW, Fetish, Incest, or Pedophilia.

My headshots range from $35-$60+; prices vary depending on difficultly and detail needed.

Fullbody ranges from $50-$80+; prices vary depending on difficultly and detail needed.


Backgrounds, depending of complexity, can range from $15-$50

Thank you for looking at my thread!