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Free Art: (SFW!!!!) Let me draw your thicc/chunky sona's!

Just out of curiosity, what is your age range? Just curious to see what the norm age is on here.

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OWO Hi there
I am Keo The Catbee!
I am looking to further my art skills in body types :)
So give me your thicc bois and gurls and i'll draw em' to the best of my ability!
This will be in traditional art, so if you want it mailed to you, I can do it for free, however I will have to fold the paper to put it in the envelope.

*I can do two sona's but they will have to go on the same page
*I can do seductive poses but do not ask me to draw something NSFW.
*If I am sent anything NSFW I will not only not draw for you, I will report you, as I am underage.
*I can do underwear, but please, be wise with what you ask a MINOR to draw for you
*I will only draw nipples if your character is biologically male.
*I will draw clothing upon request :)
*Please tell me if you're thinking about having it mailed to you before I start the drawing so I know if I need to draw it in my sketchbook or a separate sheet of paper.
*About the seductive poses, Nothing that will get anyone in trouble.
*ABSOLUTELY NO INFLATION OR VORE. If this is what you came here for you should have read the first part of the title.
*One last thing, Ily you guys are great <3

My birthday is in three days so if ya'll could wish me a very happy birthday a big ol' thanks is in order
I'm just here to wish you a happy birthday cuz I have no thicc character
Thank chuuuu :D
No need to mail, a decent scan will do just fine. As for the image itself, something library themed but otherwise up to you.
Alright, I will work on it, however I have no way to scan it. I can take a picture of it though
My Ringebell is a bit of a thicc Sona.
Ringebell on Toyhouse
He always wears clothing.
If I want it mailed, depends on were you live. I'm in germany and I don't want you to spend 5$ on porto.
And thanks for the chance. ^^
I live in the southern part of the USA :3


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I have a curvy plump dragoness you might like to draw. Her name is Upala and she's covered in opal gemstone scales and is very shiny. Thanks for the chance and happy birthday!


No mailing necessary a picture of it would be great thanks!


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Can i send any thicc character? Even if it's not mine?


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Can i send any thicc character? Even if it's not mine?
I would prefer you sent your own character, because I like to credit people for their creativity on their sona's.
Heyo! Is this still avalible? I have a character I'd love to see you draw! And happy early birthday!
Yes! This will be open for a while!
I will need a picture or a full description of your sona'


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I'd love to see me looking shy, in some briefs!

If that's not too NSFW!

No mailing needed!


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Awl she looks cute thanks ^^
hello don't forget about me ok?
It's taking me a bit, I apologize haha. I'm doing first come first serve, so if you'll wait patiently please haha

Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
I no have any T h i c c characters or any C h u n k y characters either, but came to wish you a happy birthday. o//

I might change my mind about having a thicc character, but right now I don't, but do wish ya the best, and nice catbee, make me honey. :3