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Shaded Coms starting at $15

Open for a few commission spots. I work best with Felines/K9s/Avians/Rodents BUT I will try my hand at anything once. You don't have to read over everything in my ToS/Hours/ect info but please at least give it a quick skim. It has the ToS its self, the rewards program i offer, what I will not draw, the many many places you can find me and some info about the payment process

Depending on what you want/how complicated it/your character is, com can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but I tend to work quickly.

If you need/want to see more examples all of my past coms are here.

NOW prices and options lmfao. (I hope these are easy to understand)

Headshot: $ 15
Waist up: $ 25
Full body: $ 30
~~~add ons~~~
Simple background: +$ 3
Complex background: +$ 5
extra characters: hard to explain sorry in advance! first extra character is HALF of base price(head/wait/full) every extra character after that is $4



Headshot was a commission for Ika Ironfang on telegram
And the full body bluejab was a commission for CyberOne on Furvilla