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"Shadows in Light" is a hit! ♥


The South Pacific Sea H'otter
We're bowled over to already have gotten a couple of five-star reviews from Reader's Favorites, including one saying,

"...masterfully written. Shadows In Light presents an intricate plot, an engaging work of detective fiction, and a colorful world to absorb readers. It is an immersive read indeed."

Pardon our blush. **^^**

Shadows In Light is the first book in the Hidden Rims Saga, a wonderful blend of sleuth, fantasy, romance, and adventure set in a magical world. A serial killer from Earth-Prime is on the loose and goes on a killing spree around the land of Nysi Afallon. When an up-and-coming detective, Maia Anemois from "The E", is hired to track the killer, she is uncertain of what to expect when she meets the brilliant investigator, Lord Kai Eurus. The connection between the two is enriched by the wit they share. As Maia Anemois navigates this fascinating world, she eventually discovers a deeper connection between Kai and Nysi Afallon. Can they stop the killer in time to avoid more destruction on the island kingdom?

This truly is a one of a kind story. Part old big-city noir of yesteryear, part urban fantasy with all the magic and high-tech wizardry, and a little taste of erotica,, wrapped up in a world of fae, demons, demigods, vampires, and a host of other mythological and fantasy creatures large and small. It's the book you've been looking for if you're a sleuth fanatic with an eye for the fantastical. :D

We hope a lot of readers will agree! We'd love to put this on the best-seller list and get a few eyes interested in it as a Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime mini-series.

A lot of our dreams depend on you fantasy/myth/mystery fans out there. We hope you'll take the time to buy a copy of our book, and see for yourself if we have a winner on our hands - and of course give us reviews if we do and tell others.

Check out "Shadows in Light"! :D