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Shamelessly Requesting art freebies to aid a crappy mood


So guys and gals, I'm injured and out of work and pretty stressed because now, I may have to have surgery on my right knee. Been a problem ruminating on past crap and I need to distract myself.

As a result, I've been getting back into art a bit more.
I've got a new ref:

I also have a higher rez here on dA: here

NSFW nude reference

I would love to have some art, a scribble, something to help cheer me up. I am greatly appreciative of anything I could get. If someone wanted to poke fun at me having a bum leg on the right side, I'm cool with that too. I'd be willing to either hoar the pics myself or repost them to my site for some extra publicity and a link to your profile too-- so hey, free views.

Thanks again!
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I had nothing better to do, so-


Thank you very much! Lemme know if you post it so I can fave it.