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Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!


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I was interested in making this thread for some time, as I enjoy learning about others' characters. Feel free to share any random fact about your fursona, persona, oc, or any other character of yours who you just want to share a fact about! For example, what is the origin of their name? Do they have any odd habits? Do they have any markings with special meaning behind them? Do they share a similarity to you in real life? What is their family like? What do they smell like?

I will start off with a fact about my persona. Like most werewolves, Lupin has a weakness to silver. The material burns him, and can actually melt away his flesh or cause permanent scarring with prolonged exposure to the material. He is usually able to sniff it out for his own safety, but usage of a silver bullet would surely badly injure, or even kill him.

Nexus Cabler

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I think this is the first time I've met you, so allow me to say hello :3
Great idea for a thread.

Nexus doesn't breath fire like traditional Western dragons. He instead breaths a heavy concentrated laser burst.
Very similar to the Spartan Laser from Halo X3



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Franz blitzenstark has his name in honor to tony stark
And Wynstar Francesca Wynn as my female preferred names! :3

His name has passed by maaany changes!

From my second name, my first name an a random generated name; Tomash Segers which I never felt totally right

When I discovered my gender identity or at least gender non conformity, I did pick Franz as a gender neutral name (tho it is masculine)
And after infinity war iirc
I did thought in giving him a surname and Blitzenstark did appear as I Didn't wanted to surnane him solely Stark.

Blitzenstark = strong thunder!


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Ozzie's muzzle, whilst it wasn't originally intended as such, really got me thinking about how aggressively paranoid I was about COVID when the first wave hit.

Like, I went into full hermit mode and wore masks every second I was outside.

My mum's got like a million health issues and I knew she wouldn't cope with COVID well so I kinda freaked out.

Anyway so he wears that big old thing because his species (Thylacoleo Carnifex) has (or rather, had) the strongest bite force of any terrestrial mammal, comparable to a shark or a saltwatee crocodile, and well, he's cripplingly paranoid that he'll freak out and kill someone, so he voluntarily wears it whilst in public.

As for the others:

- Stephanie's design was mostly based off a Skyrim character I was using at the time. This character was also a kleptomaniac alcoholic with parental issues, so I dropped those because I couldn't relate. She's also my main - Ozzie is only my PFP on here because he's new. Finally, she's also the only OC I've told anyone irl about - I'm like 90% sure the person in question is a furry and she was super enthusiastic and kept encouraging me.

- Those traits got shunted onto my secondary, Iza, who is based off a much older character sharing the name of the character I based Stephanie off (Dar'Rija)

- Constantine is actually named after the Scottish Kings (Constantín in Old Gaelic) - me and my mum had been reading a bunch on the Scottish Kings at the time and I felt it fit for an aggressive, authoritarian character.

- The first couple of drafts of Zalifa were comissions done by people on Amino. The first was free, by a guy named Prickly_pears who was super enthusiastic about the idea - but for some reason it was missing an arm and his head? And on closer inspection that's a theme in his art? Idk why but I didn't say anything because it was free and he's a nice guy. Odd though. You can see it on my TH.

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Aside from being capable of humanoid speech, Pik lives like any other bird.


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Vajra Wallpaper BW 4 3.png
I guess we'll start right to left with my main character down to the last member of his group.

1) Liuxing (流星),
  • He's not an alcoholic but he does seem to have inherited an ability his father and uncle have where getting drunk increases your mental clarity/focus and increases the effectiveness of your powers. Interestingly enough, he's also mostly referred to by a nickname (Liuxing meaning meteor in this case) similar to his uncle and father.

2) Sakchai (later changed to Saenchai)
  • This isn't related to his powers but he happened to end up growing with insane bone density. You will literally break your hand if you punch him in the face. And then when he hits you back, that's gonna be a real trip.

3) Oya
  • She is the only member of the group with an actual body count. Those bones that she's wearing had to come from somewhere you know...Despite her being a woman and an actual killer, she ends up being the "overprotective big sister" of the group.

4) [James Johann Johnathan Joshua Josiah Jeremy Jeffery Julian...] Jackson
  • Only member of the group to go by an alias. The only thing we really know is that his last name is actually Jackson. Is the oldest and smartest of the group with actual academic merits and credited in some research projects. His favorite hobbies involve fashion and clothes and he's actually picked out a slick set of new clothing for our other characters on the B-side of their reference sheets. Liuxing gets a simple but elegant white, button-up dress shirt, black slacks, black blazer, and fashionable black, leather boots. Sakchai also gets a white dress shirt but with jeans and a heavy, tan coat. Oya gets a tight halter turtleneck sweater and black form-fitting pants with a nice hat to compliment the outfit. Magdi/Majdi gets a black and white suit, slacks, and blazer combo but with an huge black trenchcoat along with an equally large hat. And Jackson himself wears his usual tuxedo with a red tie.

5) Magdi/Majdi
  • Right off the bat, his name has two pronunciations depending on what language you speak (Arabic or Egyptian). He's the youngest but is also physically the strongest and biggest of the group. Ironically enough, he's actually a non-combative.
There's also a ton of other fun facts if you want to hear about them!
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Random fact #2 with Jin...
If he is disabled (stunned, dazed, knocked unconscious, or forced to fall asleep due to magic), he's knocked out of whatever form he's currently in, and back to his default form as an anthro boar-scorpion. However, it's not the case with his griffin-phoenix form.
This is based on the idea that phoenixes return to life from their ashes. In Jin's case though, not that dramatic, it's just he can retain the form better.

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Random fact #3 with Jin...
Regardless of what form he turns into, his golden-yellow color schemes remain the same.


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The origin of his name is a good subject, so I'll go with that.

The name "McNair" and the fact that he's a border collie would probably give you a clue that he has Scottish heritage. "McNair" is one of several Anglicized forms of a name that is considered to have multiple origins. Two of these are that it could derive from the the Gaelic name "Mac Iain Uidhir", meaning "the son of sallow John", or "Mac an Oighre" meaning "son of the heir".

I think this is also a good segue into some info on some of my 'sona's family history. He comes from a very old family.

Shane is a descendant of Presbyterian Ulster Scots who emigrated to America in the 1700s before the Revolutionary War. They eventually ended up settling in the southern Piedmont region of North Carolina. Some of the men in Shane's family around that time served in the British Army during the French and Indian War, and later supported the Patriot cause during the Revolution. One of the family's favorite oral histories about this time recalls how a couple of the McNair men were among the militiamen who drove the British forces under General Charles Cornwallis out of Charlotte, North Carolina when they were occupying the city (In real life, Cornwallis actually later wrote that Charlotte was "a hornet's nest of rebellion"). It's said that these McNair men served under Francis Marion, the famed "Swamp Fox" (who I'm sure would be a literal fox in Shane's canon universe), during his guerilla campaign against the British Army and Loyalist militias in the south.

Due to a lack of records, Shane doesn't really know anything about his family prior to their migration from Scotland to Ireland in the 1600s (the beginning of the Ulster Plantation period of their history). However, according to Shane's father, some of his very distant ancestors going way back to the Late Middle Ages were "border reivers". These were unruly and fierce mounted raiders who survived by plundering the Anglo-Scottish border region - mostly by livestock rustling - but they would also steal household goods and valuables, or even kidnap people to hold for ransom. In those days, the border region was a troubled land ravaged by frequent wars between the English and Scots. Neither kingdom was able to effectively maintain law and order there, especially in remote areas, and it was difficult or impossible for Shane's ancestors to survive by honest means. The world they lived in was like a medieval version of Mad Max, and the borderers were something like biker gangs who relied on the protection of the clan system and strong kinship ties. Border reivers had no particular loyalties to either Scotland or England, and due to being skilled horsemen they would occasionally fight as light mercenary cavalry formations in the armies of either kingdom. Sometimes they would spontaneously switch sides whenever it suited them. Borderers from the Scottish lowlands often had kin living in the northern English counties, and vice versa. The age of the border reivers ultimately started to die out in the 1600s under the rule of King James VI of Scots (later James I of England) who aggressively tried to snuff them out. It isn't really known how the McNair family came to settle in Ireland during the 17th century, or exactly when or under what circumstances they finally got out of the business of border raiding.
The Border Reivers are super interesting. I actually (officially, I study in Liverpool so I spent most of my time there) live in the Borders so I hear about them every now and then. There's a famous tower near my town - Smailholm, which was sacked by them.


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May as well share a couple more. Here's a link to my post for reference: https://forums.furaffinity.net/thre...out-your-fursona-persona.1674534/post-7091068

Luixing and Sakchai actually sort of swap eye colors when they activate their powers. Liuxing goes from dark red to pale blue while Sakshai goes from blue to a reddish-orange (yellow if he's exerting himself to the max).

There is a scene where, for literally no reason at all, Liuxing's uncle open-palm slaps the fuck out of Oya to the point of knocking her out and just casually continues as if nothing happened.


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There is a scene where, for literally no reason at all, Liuxing's uncle open-palm slaps the fuck out of Oya to the point of knocking her out and just casually continues as if nothing happened.