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Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!


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This might be something you find humorous but, I assure you, it does make sense. Sakchai gets high every time he uses his powers.

Let me explain, his wraps (the ropes that he wraps around his hands, biceps, calves, and forehead) are traditionally supposed to be made of hemp. Sakchai's power involves fire so you put two and two together and well.......my man gets toked every time he fights due to the hemp ropes he uses getting burnt up. It's actually designed this way to complement Liuxing, who gets extremely excited when he fights, whereas Sakchai gets more chill.


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I haven't officially debuted her yet (I. E. The only art I have is a rough trace job I can't post) but my new girl, Victoria, initially dove into the criminal underworld purely to help finance her father's failing tailor's shop.

I'm gonna try and get my first proper art of her done tomorrow, now that her design, personality and role relative to my other characters is defined.

(She's a Bearded Vulture, before anyone asks)

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Jin's shape-shifting power was actually taught by his adopted daughter Galaxy (thanks again @Snowfurry360 sweetie !). In return, he teaches and trains her how to use gravity magic (mainly black hole) and handle weapons.


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These are just some minor fun facts about my other characters.

  • Jackson, much like his fellow classmates, was part of important research back in his home country but was never actually credited in the published paper by his professor.
  • Magdi/Majdi wraps his keffiyeh (head scarf) in such a way that he can turn it either right or left to protect his face from the harsh sunlight of his home country depending on which way he's facing.
  • Oya, since she's a cheetah, can let out a very loud chirp that she utilizes in fights or hunts.


Blaine was created to represent my more masculine side. She was literally made yesterday and has no art yet, but she's already quite dear to me atm.
I'm a cis female and I'm straight, so I've always felt a little weird about being more androgynous.
Blaine is sort of what I want to be. She embraces both her femininity and masculinity simultaneously and has plenty of confidence.
I was looking for a fursona species and was reading about female hyenas. Then it started to fall into place. Females are the dominate gender in hyena society and female spotted hyenas are also larger than the males. Interestingly enough, female hyenas also posses pseudo-penises. Weird right?
Anyway, I thought that seemed perfect for an androgynous fursona. She possesses feminine and masculine traits both in terms of her body and in terms of her mind.

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Ezekiel the vaporeon loves bugs, insects and spiders. When he sees any in his home, he puts them in a cup and releases them outside. He lives in a warmer climate, so he lets the bugs out all year round. Also, he's never seen snow before.


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Facts about my main OC, Isaac Ryder:
1. Due to his mutant-like nature and dragon blood, he'll live to about 300-400.
2. Harmful substances have little effect on him nowadays, especially alcohol and smoking. It takes quite a bit to get him tipsy.
3.He has an Irezumi (Just Japanese for Tattoo. Image below.) of the Yellow Emperor Dragon on his back. I did this as I am a fan of the Yakuza game series and Ryuji Goda from Yakuza 2. It's only the Inks on Isaac, and represents him being a 'fake dragon king.' At least that's how it feels to him.


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Jin barely drinks any sort of beer or alcohol at all, he just finds the taste "unbearable". However when at big family meals (such as a relative's wedding), he is usually pressed into drinking. He only takes a small sip and tries to keep a straight face afterwards. Also reason why he hates family meals.
If anyone else presses him into drinking (say, classmates for example), the worst he'd do is spit the alcohol away to make himself clear, then leave.

Nexus Cabler

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Nexus owns many "illegal" weaponry and guns acquired from his fights and trades. I quoted the word because Nexus doesn't think they should be unlawful and doesn't care if it is...like...he just wants them, regardless what authorities say.

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Jackpot shares an ability another character has of manipulating luck.
Unfortunately unless it’s in regards to money/bets, the other person trumps his manipulation.

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Annabelle gets cynical when she's moody. But she rarely ever gets moody these days.

Paws the Opinicus

*Not technically* a Gryphon!
Paws can alter her proportions to become anything from long and slink, to loafy chonk, or anything in-between. Essentially, she can actually mimic any 'style' she's depicted as, as long as her basic identity as Paws remains.


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Pappy has had the same haircut since 1985. It’s a mullet. But he almost always wears a trucker cap so it’s hard to tell.


I pounce i bounce.
Theres been more than one pogo.
9 lives was not enough apparently.
(To be less mysterious its catto Cloning. My oc has had multiple lives. Clones and stuff :v)
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In fact- Vishunei is/I am a cynical yet sweet soul. He's/I'm very fond of a gas station chain known as WaWa. Even that is an understatement.

In fantasy- He/I violently tortured and murdered one of my/his former friends.