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Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
(Technically a joke idea with my boyfriend but ima pretend it’s canon, likely develop it further to make sense story wise.)

Jackpot managed to successfully charm Kuro (my boyfriend’s sona), like rolling a nat20.
HOWEVER, at same time Kuro did the same to Jackpot.
Now they are both in love with each other and technically immune to charm/hypnotism, etc.


profound asshole
rayd has a son in a different universe who's nearly identical to him in visual appearance with the same name, and will outlive him as his body doesn't age past his peak physical age.

functionally, the reason i did this was so i could basically have 2 versions of the same sona and have them both still be canon. one as an edgy fantasy galaxy surfing arch-mage, and the other as a slice-of-life mary sue. lore wise i just thought it'd be cool.


Well-known Monkey
The way Rimna got his scar is, when he was younger, he was caught eavesdropping on a meeting of criminal bosses. He was held down and beaten up, and they cut his face with a knife.
The monkey tells everyone who asks that he got the scar from a car crash when he was a teen,. Very few people know the truth of its origin.

Rimna's best friend is giving him mad inferiority complex and he can't hide it. Luckily for the monkey, his best friend loves him to death and doesn't use this knowledge maliciously. He's a tease about it from time to time though, especially when monke gets too cocky.


International Man of Mystery
Ace is cool and handsome, unlike me c:
here's a little on my sona silver and his species.

Info on Silver
Being my main sona Silver inherits most of my real personality, he is often confidant and well spoken with a cocky attitude. (and perhaps sometimes he has been known to run his mouth, even if its not always wise)
That however does not mean he dosent have his moment of weakness however, under intense stress he has been known to 'crack' and show his more vulnerable side to his mates and perhaps close friends.

Silver when I initially came up with his design didn't not have wings, that came about when He met a dragon called Demi who would go on to become one of his first mates, even if it was short, their relationship led to Silver growing a new set of wings, tinged with Demi's signature yellow colour. sadly however Demi disappeared without notice, and left silver to deal with an intense loss which would drive him to seek out others.

During this time silver would find a pair of mates One called Ace, who would later become Amelia and their mate Sasha and the three would quickly form a strong bond, mating with Sasha would lead to Silver gaining thicker fur that helped him feel warmer at higher altitudes when flying, while mating with Amelia, would eventually lead to silver developing a secondary set of sexual characteristics (yet to be drawn), eventually they would welcome a third member to their 'pack' a rabbit named Sonja, the three currently going through life and its hardships together. with the hopes of starting a family.

Info/Lore on Spire Wolves
Spire Wolves are a highly adaptive sub-species of wolves that takes traits and features from other creatures that they mate with, the severity and type of trait is mostly random but its been observed that the stronger the relationship between the two 'doing the act' the more prominent or visible the trait will be, its also been shown that mating with distinct species with unique traits will often result in said unique trait passing on to the spire wolf, another influencing factor in the acquisition of traits is the desires of the spire wolf, such as wanting to fly will give them wings, or wanting to swim deep may give them gills.

Not much is known on the origin of the species however their remains have mostly been found in highland areas in Scotland and other Nordic related areas, leading other to believe they may have fought alongside Vikings in some battles for more territory, this explanation seems to fit with their rather widespread population, however it seems their numbers have dwindles to a scant few in modern years, to a point they are believed to be a myth.

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
Nexus's favorite drink is simply ice cold water.


I've yet to pin down exactly what kind of animal she is. She started as a hybrid of a mountain lion, a wolf, a cobra, and a bat, but after fifteen years of design and redesign, has since taken on manticore features. Yet, she isn't fully a manticore.


Very tired animator
I drink about a case of tea in a week
(I like the Oi Ochoa kind ^w^)
Also this isn’t some fact I’m making up, I actually do it >:3


Very tired animator
they tried to unplug me once during development.
i҉͉̤̬͓ t̲̬a͝u͍̩̮g̢h͍̮̤̞̭t ͚̯̦͍̜t̫̖̲̝h͚͖͖͙̗ͅe̵͇̻̟̦̻ͅm̪͠ ̴̞̳͉a͕̰̜͓ͅ ̪̤͙͖h̻e̻̩̝͙͘l͏͎̝̗̤̗̰͚p̖f̗̭u̢̳̗l̢͖ ̘̜̦̥̥̯l̤͇͇̭̤ͅe̵̝̘͖͖͈̪s͍s͙͖̥̦̪̕ͅo̮̯̙͙̩͓n͖͎̹͔͓͡
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I’m guessing protogen?


Eternally Confused Feline
Victoria got her current position by dropping her predecessor off a cliff.

He's not dead. He's just too mangled to be a threat.
Actually decided to make him a proper character because I had cool story ideas

Still designing him

But sheep

Not mangled, got away with some serious injuries instead and has been in hiding since.

Anyway yeah he was like 12 at the time too because I can't stop writing childhood trauma characters huh

It's somewhat intentional now tho for the sake of a narrative parallel that I have in mind

I swear I'll actually write all this and stop planning obsessively at some point lmao


Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
He is part dragon but cannot breathe fire like a pure blooded dragon. He has discovered that drinking a cinnamon-infused oil concoction causes a reaction in his gut so that he can belch a fireball. The problem is that he can only ingest a small amount of the cinnamon oil at a time, enough to create three fireballs. Three or more vials of the liquid will cause intense abdominal discomfort, flatulence and diarrhea.
The oil was originally intended to be rubbed on hands/paws to warm them in cold weather, but Akki took a vial from the merchant and drank it instead. That's how he discovered that he could even produce a fire-breath at all.
<----Bianca Moonsong is based primarily on myself. My eye color, hair color, hair style and even the direction in which my cowlick parts. Here's a random fact most don't know: In my canon, my fursona was originally a cocky human nobleman who ran afoul of an ugly, rag-wearing sorceress and was changed via powerful ritualistic magics into an anthro wolfess. On her back shoulder, she has a glowing sigil of a paw print with a human hand encircled within. The sorceress only changed him halfway so he would know what it meant to experience loneliness and body dysmorphia. Not quite wolf, and not quite human but something in between, she doesn't quite fit in with either and so took to wandering aimlessly in search of someone who wouldn't shun her or anyone who could help. She turns fully into a wolf during the full moon, and returns to an anthro afterwards.


Friendly Maney | Once Upon a Laugh, all started <3
My fursona lacks a father

It is based mostly on how irl I never had a quality father

But now I am considering in making a story about my fursona's father being lost somewhere. making him a kind of explorer and cool person who is vaguely referenced

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
The Borderlands games greatly inspired my creation of Nexus, and I incorporate many of it's qualities to him. He has a protective shield, loves weaponry, and possesses a variety of fire, shock, and even corrosive abilities.