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Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!


Mostly Harmless.
Well, I guess that she has a "sick as fuck" car, that being a 1970 AMC Rebel "Machine"


Certified Jaguar
Despite being a sharp-toothed/clawed Jaguar, he's very much a Vegan.
Let's just say - he never learned how to hunt due to being growing up where 'Hakuna Matata' continues to live and breathe.
Bianca wields a great scythe in combat, but the edge has been entirely dulled on purpose. Despite this, it’s still pointy and more than capable of shattering bones. She prefers using it as a cudgel and tripping weapon.


Resident Edgelord
Steele has double-jointed elbows. Doesn't really serve a purpose other than freaking some people out

Nexus Cabler

\ ( :v ) /
Nexus played a significant role in helping a future company create new versions of electronic batteries for devices that lasted nearly a lifetime, reducing energy consumption requirements.
Idk what to say I’m new to the fandom and don’t really know what personally to give my furrsona but I know her favorite band is Green Day and her favorite food is spicy beef ramen

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
Jackpot doesn't actually like playing card games like Poker.
Only reason he does is because it's fun to make people in debt and seeing their reactions. Greed is good.

Don't bother playing against him, the house always wins one way or another, instead compliment his dice hat.


A fox named Ridley
Ridley can shapeshift into several other species, one of which is a crow, but he doesn't like that one much because he's afraid of heights.

PC Master Race

Well-Known Member
My man got his name from the character Jin Kisaragi in the BlazBlue series, about 7-8 years or so ago, I forgot. Kinda stick with me ever since.


Alignment: Chaotic Stupid
Kinguyakki was named for the Northern Lights, because he was found in the wintertime in a northern land, and his eyes appear to shift in tones of blue, green, gold, and sometimes pinks or purples.
He does not wear clothing and his "fur" is actually modified dragon scales. The texture is similar to long pine needles and very tough.

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
Cheintaokhs have highly venomous quills. While they carry emergency antivenom kits should they inadvertently prick someone they also take time to trim and cap their quills with a resin that hardens. This can take the better part of a weekend and is a frequent or presumed excuse to avoid unwanted social engagements.


Semi Hiatus
Despite appearing as a very cool headed an collected individual, Kailirian has the sense of humor of a 13 year boy


Goddess ✵ Grand Star Divina
Here's a fun fact about Savarin.
The bijou on her forehead is called "Sin of Demeanor"
It is a heart-shaped diamond that changes color, depending on others around her.
The color shows the true feelings towards Savarin herself, who is nearest to her will reflect that.
Or she can focus all thought on only one individual
At times, she carries a mirror, making, seem that she is fixing hair or may be mistaken for vanity.
But, instead of taking a look at her lovely bijou on her head.
She doesn't view it often because doing so may drive one to madness knowing such things. Also, may get a little boring after a while as well. So I would not worry about her looking at her reflection anytime soon.