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Share a random fact about your fursona/persona!


Scara is on her honeymoon; Currently Ronin
She had 2 siblings who died in the middle of a restaurant due to a gang shootout, thus she has trained to track these people down and is the head of a Black OPS squad that is currently tracking this terrorist down. (My fursonas life is way more exciting than mine)


"He loves poop, he loves to pee, he loves to crap, he loves to eat cookies, he loves to make apple pie." —Zach Hadel


enjoyer of furbies
Fallow plays the smallpipes, aka mini bagpipes. Bagpipes are a bit difficult for her given her small size, but she'll bring them out on occasion as an intimidation/irritation tactic.

Matt the Terrier

Woofs! Wiggles! Wins!
He's actually an alien dog, but identifies as a Scottish Terrier as that is what he most closely resembles. Proof? I have an elastic tail, and I can eat things that normal earth dogs can't, like chocolate and onions.


Confused Fox
The little gem on Indie's collar is white when she's not wearing it, and it looks kinda like a moonstone. When it's close to her chest (where her Coresoul is located), concentrated bits of her magic fill the crystal, causing it to become a cyan color, start glowing, and enhance the magic that she doesn't know how to use yet. She also found her collar on the top shelf in a closet while she was messing around in an old, unused bedroom. She ended up breaking an entire box of ceramic ornaments when she tried to climb the shelves to grab it.

Chad Firepaws

Going out of business
Ummm let's see here facts about Chad that you may or may not know if you interact with him over in the off topic thread

1. He's based off a meme that originated in the "forum games" section of these here forums, when I finally decided to draw my own avatar that's what I wound up going with

2. I don't consider Chad a legit "fursona" as I don't consider him an alternate version of myself but a separate character who as of now is the main avatar for this account. When I was bout 12-ish or so I was the scrappy sort of kid who laughed at every fart joke and made inappropriate (yet hilarious) animations on flip note. If anything I consider him a personification of my 12 year old juvenile sense of humor, (which never left really) rather than an embodiment of my whole personality.

3. No, I don't look anything like him irl (I am neither buff nor a stripper)

4. Unlike what many people seem to believe, Chad is NOT based off of Tony the Tiger, the Frosted Flakes mascot. My biggest canon inspiration was those dancing tigers from Zootopia, which I'm surprised nobody's mentioned yet.

5. I actually have 2 different origin stories for Chad's character. The mainstream lighthearted one is that Chad's parents immigrated from their natural habitat and worked at a zoo to put Chad through college. Chad wanted to be an actor, so he went off to Hollywood to go to acting school and ...well... things went in a different direction then planned, and Chad wound up as a delivery boy for DOM-ino's. Now Chad has to hide his current employment from his parents cause otherwise it would be awkward.

But I actually have a 2nd origin story which I've never mentioned in the forums (or anywhere cause it's still in my head) that's a lot darker and goes into some really heavy stuff. But I haven't written that one yet cause as of now Chad is the ignorant naive goofball that you all know and cringe at.


Hopeful Writer.
When winter hits Pavel slows down real bad trying to hold off hibernation, a natural trait kept from uncivil time in my world. Many other species keep traits like these.
Another example would be Alice a Fancy rat that needs to cuddle something when sleeping do to social instincts.
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