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Share your favorite animated shorts here!

Canis Dirus

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Oh ok, I really should take the time to check out other threads before making others... ^^'
Well, "Furry short-film animation" and "favorite animated shorts are not identical:


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I'm a huge fan of animated shorts and today I came across one that was super sweet and I wanted to share it:

If you see any animated short you like a lot and want to share it with others, please do so here!
Ah, man! I was going to post the Kitbull one. My plans have been ruined! :D

This is seriously a good short.


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Pixar Shorts are good, I am glad they started this. ^v^

I often find myself watching things from Lucas The Spider, Dorkly Bits, Morph, MadArtistPublishing and Disney Mickey Mouse Shorts

I highly recommend those.


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Speaking of shorts. I remembered I had one AMAZEBALLS one in my watch history.

In honor of those who fought and died in the First World War.


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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I found another one I wanted to share!


Canis Dirus

Extinct Pleistocene canid
Computer animation from 1968:


Rara for short :)
Well, "Furry short-film animation" and "favorite animated shorts are not identical:
Seeing machines do the work they were programmed to do even though the humans they're doing this for are long gone, and them failing to realize the pointlessness of their task sure gives me an interesting feeling.


Nice thread, I love short animated films.

This one is called Bubu & Bubulina.
It was shown at the Japan Animator Expo alongside some other shorts, then they were shown for a limited time on 10 theaters around Japan. Because of this tracking down the short is kind of a pain since YouTube tends to delete reuploads (That's why it doesn't have subtitles)

Just go to 1:10 to skip the JAE intro


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Got another one. Idk If this is for everyone on here since it's historic and kinda fuked up. Though, I'm using it for reference in a research project and it almost brought me to tears. Idk not only informative but an extremely powerful animated short, dealing with harsh confessions and war realities. For those interested here it is:

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