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Sharing A Room For NYEC (Oak Brook, IL)


There's a cute little one night only furry con that begins the evening of New Years Eve and continues into the wee morning hours. Since it's semi-local, I plan on attending and getting a room so there's somewhere to put my stuff and then sleep when my body refuses to move a minute more. It would be nice to have anywhere between one and several roommates to split the room cost; I'm specifically looking for folks who are respectful, well-groomed, and can clean up after themselves. If you aren't local but still want to come and stick around an extra day or so after the con to explore Chicago, I have some space at my place a few people could crash.

So! If you don't have anything more exciting planned to celebrate the new year and would be interested in sharing a room, please respond either in this thread or through a PM or even through notes on FA; whichever is more comfortable.

More info can be found here: http://newyearsevecon.com/