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Shark Girl Adoptables $20!


Always looking for that raw aesthetic~
Selling these 4 shark gals which are currently all available and open to anyone who wants them. Once someone claims one (as well as specify which number), I will remove the watermark and replace it with a big beautiful "ADOPTED!!" sticker. If you ask to claim one and I approve it, just send me your email via DM or in your reply (whichever one is fine) so I know where to send the payment request. my email is toggenburg2@gmail.com. All payments are processed via PayPal.

The sharks are as follows:

#1: Red-headed islander shark
#2 Gothic lolita shark
#3 Mom shark
#4 Sporty shark

Since I will be putting these up on other social media sites, there's a chance that someone there may have claimed one, which I will notify as quickly as possible, so don't miss your chance! More adopts coming soon ;3