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Sheesh Working on my suit for about 6months now.


Burnt to a crispy texture
I started shortly after RF09 working on my own fursuit.

I am still no were near completing it.
But I have been trying to get at least 2 hours a day working on the suit.

If you want to watch me or want tips or have tips for me while I am working on my suit I UStream every time I work on my suit and also have recorded every time I work on the suit.
It is mainly to see how long it has taken me to make my suit.
So far it has been many hours days and months so far. xD

If you want to watch me make my first fur-suit ever please watch me on my FA account at: www.furaffinity.net/user/grontalis

And watch for my journals that say I will be UStreaming and or Streaming in 10mins etc.

Don't be shy about asking questions or giving me advice!
I love to give and get advice since I am new to the whole suit making scene! ^.^