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Shibe Adopts { 2/2 open } ~~


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i wanted to shiba adopts for the longest so !! please comment or send me a note if you'd like to adopt!


♡ Paypal only - no refunds.
♡ Please give credit when posting to other sites.
♡ Please put a watermark of some kind when posting to prevent stealing.
♡ If sold or given, I'd love to be notified just to keep up with who owns my adopts.
♡ Gender and name can be changed, coat and breed can not.
♡ Small things in the established background can be changed, but, nothing too drastic.

buying or using any of my adopts means you automatically agree to my TOS



Red Shiba Inu - red fox variant
2 years old

Sassy / Rebellious
Originates from the Shikoku Prefecture
Loves to play pranks on others in the rescue shelter
Can and will act injured to get out of taking walks when she doesn't want to
Skilled runner - Good for competing in athletic dog shows or just for a running partner
Loves being around other dogs

$ 7 USD.



Sesame Shiba Inu - Tri Color
3 and a half years old.

Originates from a purebred breeder in the Southern states of America
Likes to take naps and bathe himself
Does not like being around many other dogs or children - better suited for a single person and a couple home
Enjoys being out in the snow during rare snowfalls.

$ 7 USD.