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Shitty connection


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So i thought our service provider was just really shitty, but my dads just got himself a laptop and its working fine.
Mine on the other hand is infuriatingly pathetic. Certain sites just wont load for me anymore such as the FA mainsite, Deviantart, Weasyl, netflix, tumblr, and funnyjunk. Not a single posted image on any forum loads at all, and 90% of youtube video's wont play, they'll load like the first 5%, freeze and buffer for over 5 minutes (for a 40 second video) then start playing again in 144p or whatever is is before freezing again, thats if they play at all. Youtube's been going like this for weeks, but the rest is relatively new.
What the fuck can i do?
Its seriously pissing me off.
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Australian internet is evil, but I don't think it selects who to bother. It isn't sentient yet.

I'll ask the obvious question: You're not running wireless, are you? Even if your receiver is right next to the transmitter, there are a few things that can cause this.


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I had a very similar problem once. My connection was suddenly very bad as well.
I simply deinstalled the drivers for my network card. When I rebooted the PC found the card again, reinstalled the driver and it worked.
If you are using WIFI the problems can have difference causes though. Maybe the antenna just sucks or maybe the router isn't good enough for multiple PCs.


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Try an ethernet cable, if you have not already.
This can rule out further issues, such as wifi problems.