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reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
Welcome back to another in my collection of short stories beginning with "Twenty Year Review". Today's story looks at this world from ground level. Meet Gina, a woman who society had tossed away and forgotten. As it turns out, this derelict is worth killing for.

(Violence, gore, occasional harsh language. Human heavy, with strong scaly and some furry presence.)

Your comments are welcome.

Edit: Uploaded the pdf of the latest edition of the story, Apr 10, 2021. Same story with more polish. This one will go into the, not yet completed, book of short stories. The posted story remains unchanged.


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Miles Marsalis

The Last DJ.
I downloaded the PDF, but I'll read later after work. Is this is short story collection available on Amazon?

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
Howdy! Thanks for the download!

The collection is still in the works. I will certainly publish it when ready, but I have no way of knowing when it might be ready. Due to the interconnected nature of the stories, I'm currently bouncing my attention among seven incomplete, interrelated stories. This world keeps offering me possibilities. As long as the ideas keep coming, I'll keep writing. I'd like the book to be fairly substantial; ten stories at a minimum.

reptile logic

An imposter among aliens.
Here's the story; broken up and posted here: Pages 1-4


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