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Short Tail Attachment Help Needed Please


I just got my first partial suit, and I'm a a corgi. So I have a short stumpy tail. Most people wear their tails on their belt loops however mine being the stump that it is looks like its coming out of the bottom of my back instead of where it supposed to be. What I've been doing so far is I have a dedicated pair of suiting pants, I wear a belt under my pants and I have hole in the pants where I work the belt through and attach the tail. I HATE IT!

Does anyone have a suggestion for me that will make it so 1. I don't have a hole in my pants, and 2. Allows for easy, quick attachment/detachement.

I'd like to be able to wear other pants/shorts with the suit if possible. However I have considered industrial velcro and or snap attachement but worry if may come off if I sit down or if someone pulls.

Thanks for the help guys Thoughts?
Tails are supposed to come out above your butt where a belt would be so I don't know where you're trying to attach it. They don't come out of your butt.
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Why not get a pair of pants with belt loops, and you slide the belt through until you get to the backmost loop, then go through one strap of the tail, then the backmost belt loop of your pants, then the other strap on the tail, then the rest of your beltloops? That's what everyone I ever seen wearing a tail does.

I don't see any reason to ever do it the way you've suggested....cutting a hole in your pants? o_O
She said she doesn't want it on a belt. I'm not sure where she means it's "supposed to be" cuz a tail shouldn't be lower than where it would be on a belt otherwise it's a butthole tail. o3o
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My other ideas are suspender clips, a keyring and carabiner, or a safety pin.
You could even make and sew a strip of fabric to the back of the pants, if it doesn't have belt loops already.
If you want it to stand out or up, rather than down, then make the point of attachment more towards the dorsal side of the tail rather than the ventral side. This is how some get their husky, bunny, or raptor tails to not hang down.


I lost my first version of this post because of windows updates but in rewriting it I used about 100 less words, so it was a good thing after all. Much more concise and clear this time. X3