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My hair is really long and will stick out of the head I made. I made the head a little to small to put my hair up. I really did not think my head would not be that small... I am going to make more heads and will where my heads out at cons and stuff and I don't think it looks really good to have my hair out and if I put my hair in my shirt, I am very ticklish so I will also be tickled my hair. I hate to be tickled by anything or anyone.(don't ask my it's a long story)
If you say Yes, how short should I cut it??? If you say no, what should I do about the hair???


Fursuit Maker
It's your choice to cut your hair or not but it's not necessary. I have kind of short hair but its very very thick and curly so I have to put it in a style that minimizes the space it takes up (like braiding). For very long hair, you can use a braiding technique that a lot of cosplayers use when they want to wear a wig.

www.instructables.com: How to Wear a Wig with Long Hair - All

Do the same with your hair with the braiding and the wig cap. If you want to be sure that none of your hair slips you can wear a balaclava as well. Then you're ready to put your fursuit head on. Hope this helped!
I have long hair too... and my suggestion is to braid it! And then you could get your helper to pin it with slack to move your head of course so it doesn't come out of your bodysuit if you're active. That might also alleviate some of the er..... problem you face.