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Should I email my former teacher



I found the e-mail address of my third grade teacher who did not treat me very well when I was in her class. This was before the days of bullying prevention and even before Columbine. She did basically encourage the others to bully me and I already was a perfect target. She knew I had Asperger's yet did nothing to prevent bullying and when one boy put a kick me sign on my back right in front of her she did nothing. She did other things too and seemed to love picking on me the most. I'm wondering if I should e-mail her and sarcastically thank her for the PTSD and just let her know that I have never forgotten what she did to me either.


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You should. Always let poeple know when they are assholes. Be as sarcastic and snarky as possible.
If she replies it's either to apologize or to shoot back at you.
If she apologizes write her again and just accept it. There is no need to hold a grudge against someone who apologized.
If she fires right back at you you have confirmation that she is the greatest bitch in the universe. In that case just let it go and be satisfied with knowing that she is still a rotten cunt.

Edit: Why does my phone always autocorrect 'and' into 'abs'? XD

Butters Shikkon

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-_- before columbine?

Let It go, girl.


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If it was me, I wouldn't do it. My experience of trying to get empathy from evil people has taught me that... If they have treated you badly in the past, they aren't gonna give a shit how it affected you now. All it will do, is show her that she has WON. That you come back, years later, to tell her how hurt you still are by her. She's gonna LOVE it. She won't care, and you will keep chasing her and saying whatever YOU think will get a shred of empathy from her, and none of it will work. It's just fuelling her ego.

The best thing you can do to say "fuck you", would be to live the best damn life you can, IN SPITE OF HER. Show her that nothing she did could keep you down.


There is a chance that emailing her will also make you feel worse, so consider that before you do so. Yes, she treated you like absolute shit, but you know that old saying "two wrongs don't make a right"? Yeah, it's a thing. You may feel some sort of relief emailing her and making her feel badly in return, but sinking to someone's level when they're that low is not a good thing at all and in the long run you might regret it, especially if you found out she's more than paid the price for how horrible she was.

If you can find out if she's still a teacher or otherwise involved with kids, then perhaps it might be wise to email her and get her thinking by making her realize the damage she did to you, not with sarcasm, but with flat out in yo face "you were a jackass and this left lasting damage so don't do it to any other kids". Even though it has been a long time, you might also want to alert the school system and at the very least they might keep an eye on her, I doubt they would do much more though honestly just because it was a long time ago.

Overall your goal should be to find a way to forgive her and move on, not make her miserable. A lot easier said than done, I know. 3;


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I absolutely agree with Kinare.
Those who say you should adress her sarcastically or likewise
are trolling you or are just too young to understand how things work.

Think of what you want to achieve:
Do want to prevent her from doing this to other kids or
do you just want to vent your frustration at her in order to make her feel miserable?

Whatever is the case, you won't be able to touch her by being a brat,
because this way she can tell herself it's just a troll or a naughty kid who doesn't know anything.
A polite but direct mail, in which you try to be as objective as possible, is more likely
to make her think about it and you will still have the feeling to have put an end to it for yourself
(if you cannot let go of it).

Butters Shikkon

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A sternly worded letter always stops evil. :D

I must have been mad to think otherwise.

Ahkrin Descol

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What's e-mailing her going to do, if she enjoyed it then you're merely proving her intentions came to fruition. Move on or keep it to yourself and you won't have further cause for pain from her response.


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Duh, idiots, you're not seeing the big picture. Who the fuck writes a letter to get back at someone?

I think a certain someone needs a subscription to a ton of horse porn, don't you?

You're welcome Zara for being such a genius.


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you should call her so the missiles can home in on her location duh



1. Find where she lives,
2. take a dump inside an envelope
3. write on it "you gave me shit, I'm giving you mine" and post it
4. ???
5. Profit!


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If I was in that situation I dont see how it would do anything...as much as I hated my 5th grade teacher.


email that teacher an rekt her into the ground.

And when she gives you her phone number, probably scream at her like IGGY AZALEA


A polite but direct mail, in which you try to be as objective as possible, is more likely
to make her think about it
(if you cannot let go of it).

That's kinda what I wanted to do in the first place.