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Should I upload in the first place


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I'm currently writing an erotic fanfic based on a commission I had made which put me in a writing mood. It's heavily fetishized (Futa on male, futadom, chastity play possibly permanent chastity, bondage, Sonic universe don't kinkshame me). I had mainly meant for it to just be something I keep to myself, but as I write I feel like maybe I should have someone critique it when it's finished. Problem is I haven't written since high school, and I've got a bit of a confidence issue. That coupled with the fact it's erotic and heavy on fetish material makes me hesitant to even want to upload it.
So I figured I'd ask for general advice and see if that helps and if anyone has any genuine advice for someone like me.


TL;DR; Just share it and "que sera, sera". Also, I wouldn't worry about the Fetish part (there surely are way heavier materials out there which are likely way popular too).

Long version:
I think the question here is more a) why do you write?, and b) what do you intend to do after it's done?

If it was meant as an exclusively personal piece, why write it? I mean, you likely already know everything about your fantasy, so there's no need to put it into paper. But if you're writing it, I'd assume that it's so you could share it with other people. Now, I could be completely wrong about this, but maybe it's something you could think about.

As for the future, do you plan to write more? Maybe one day make it public? Because if so, you will need to eventually show your art to other people, even if it's just for criticism, and once it's public you won't have any control on who reads it, much less on what they think about it. Moreover, if you don't feel confident about this piece in specific or don't want to be associated with it; that's cool, it's not like you have to upload absolutely everything you write either (not to mention that there are other ways of sharing that are more discreet, like uploading it as private, posting it on the forums instead of your profile, sending it by email, etc.)

Regardless of either answer (unless this story is a one-off and you don't plan to ever write again), it's not like you're uploading it with your real name and will be tarnished forever in case it goes wrong since you can always create another account if needed (be it for posting it or to get a new identity after the fallout), so the risk of doing it is basically null.

Just my two cents.