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Should "Ponies" become a community of it's own?


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Being a Furry and a Brony, I can say that yes there are sites dealing with ponies. In fact there are several sites that are for fandom news, art, fanfiction, role playing and conventions. I'm not sure Vgmaster9 what you are asking. If you're asking why ponies are on furry sites like here, my response is why not? The furry fandom is probably the most open fandom for the expression of art. We have everything from normal looking animals that happen to talk to cat girls from Anime so ponies would definitely fit into that spectrum of acceptance as they are animals with many human traits.

As far as groups dedicated to certain species of furries, I know FA doesn't have many groups but on DeviantArt there are groups like these for feline, canine, equine or any other furry type.

Well the kind of fandom I'm speaking on doesn't have to exclusively involve ponies/horses. It can involve other animals like deer, bovids, and other different hoofed animals, as well as legendary creatures like dragons, griffons, minotaurs, etc. They'd all just have the design aesthetics of MLP.


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MLP already is and has been a fandom for 30+ years. I have been in the pony fandom longer. However, I am not in the Friendship is Magic fandom and generally avoid it.


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Here's a nice example of original pony content. It also has nice Disney style animation.



Honestly, it should just be a sub-category, like every other fettish. It's better off being in the furry erotica community than in the brony community- as the brony community largely consists of minors or people who are just fans of the shoe. The Fur fandom already has an erotica category in which the pony/equine characters fall under. While Pony posts in the middle of my late night scrolling make me sit back and cry about a monster I've become, what really differnciates it from the pokemon/That one chick from starfox posts that also flood the erotica community?

Even so, as much as I dislike pony posts, I also dislike fetish and some soft-fetish that I also have to deal with when looking for what I'd like. In the end though, it's really just art. I've come across some pony stuff where it was like watching a train wreck and I can't look away, because even though I dislike the subject amtter, the art was handled so beautifully and I have to appreciate it for its artistic value.

So, filterable, yes, please. But outcasted? No. I think it fits within the realm of "normal" for the erotic community.

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Reading back a little yes I'm not a fan of when the brony fandom that I'm active in tries to make everything pony related. I can see this being a key reason why there was an issue with the furry fandom when ponies started to appear on sites like FA and there was such a backlash. Personally I'm not a fan of crossovers period, let alone mixing ponies with other TV, movie, literary, or video games. As for being grouped with a fetish, I'd say it should be treated like a subgroup like Sonic, Pokemon, etc.