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Should the whole IP Suite be Rewritten for the Modern Web?

Foxy Emy

Polygenic DID System. Life is wild.
Let's face it, the current protocol stack wasn't made to be used the way it is today:

  1. It was not made for a world in which a single person often has 5+ connected devices at a time.
  2. It was not made for wireless devices that need to frequently switch routers (e.g. a cellphone on a moving train rapidly connecting to new towers).
  3. It wasn't made for social media use and abuse.
  4. It wasn't made for sending confidential information over public networks (banking from coffee shop Wi-Fi).
Yet, today, this us what it needs to deal with this and more.

So, should it be remade? Can it be remade?

Here is my challenge to my fellow IT Furs:

Pick a technical problem (or a few) that the internet currently has, then come up with a way to fix it by modifying an existing networking protocol or making a completely new one!

Here is an example of one group's attempt to do so: IPFS Powers the Distributed Web