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Shout out to god artists

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Hello everyone,

I'm a struggling furry artist in need of help. I fugred I'd take a crack at posting here for help. I am willing to pay for tutoring if any one is interested. if you have any questions email me at jessiemcfox@yahoo.com

thank you



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Sometimes, it's the best typo ever. WE ARE WAITING FOR THE ANSWER.

Hope you get one! You actually don't need much of any help, but it would be good if you focused more on taking proportions into account and stopped recycling the same 3/4&full-frontal default heads. Pull out a big sheet o'paper and experimentgonuts. Giving up on the Perfect Line™ can help loosen up to a state less...struggling.


I'm not a god artist by any means, but I can wiggle a pencil around somewhat competently. I've helped out a few other people before, and I'm willing to help others. My advice is pretty simple, and I can impart most of it here -- draw a lot. Get into lifedrawing. Often times comunity colleges have lifedrawing labs (or noncredit drawing classes) you can attend for a small fee plus the cost of supplies.

Other than that, steal. Steal without regret or mercy. But steal from a lot of different artists rather than one or two. Steal little bits and pieces and blend them together with your own sauce. Steal from a lot of different types of artists; furry, impressionist, technical, realist, anime, old master, whatever. See someone who does a painting technique you like? Ask them how they did it. See a few people who ink in a way you think is great? Try to copy them, and integrate them into your own style. I've got a list of artists longer than my arm I have made

Drawing stuff out of your nogging starts with drawing stuff you see in RL until you memorize it to the point where you can pull it out without having to think about it. The closest aproximation I can think of is arithmatic drills in elementary school. They made you rapidly do as much math as you could until it became second nature and you no longer had to use your fingers and toes. Or scratchpaper if you got good enough.

Don't worry about paying for lessons -- anyone who wants to do that when there is so much free stuff online is trying to make a quick buck.
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