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Late Healer Ferret
Whoop havent shown this one off here yet.


LV getting their magics going.


Pet foxxo
Image dump of your local rainbow foxxo!

But I'm cute as heck and will dance with you or keep you company on cold lonely nights:


And here I am as a feral doing what I do best: making new friends!


Say hello to Brite Paw!

Putting this one behind a spoiler, because while it IS safe for work, there's underwear.


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I would... but i suck at drawing


Pet foxxo


Zephyris Redsnout
How doesbyour sona manage to be both potentially terrifying and so cute at the same time?
That's the power of a fluffy, feathery Utahraptor. Also the artists are quite good.

The Cospunk Prince

The Artist Currently Known as Prince
I had a fursona forever ago but have not drawn them in about ten years =w=' So I will share my Sonisona, if that's okay
Remedy colour.png

This is Remedy, Pronouns They/them, they are a nonbinary porcupine and got a bit of a change from when I first created them to match my new haircut.
waiting for asks like.png

This was their hairstyle prior. I loved the long ponytail, but I figured I'd make them change when I did and so on.
Remedy High School AU.png

A friend proposed a highschool AU, so I kinda went with it and really like how this turned out.