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Thanks, no cyberpunk version...yet...but how about a samurai version

I have a samurai character too ouo

conor furo.jpg


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my fursona is a border collie w/ ragdoll cat characteristics (personality, tail)
his name is liam and he's mute and hangs out w/ a bunch of horses

he's not naturally pink, he's white and brown in colouration but has dyed his fur - he sometimes wears extensions in his hair

strawberry final.png

I just recently redesigned by fursona! They went from being a cat to becoming a moogle. They're name is Strawberry!


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This is my boi, Hemlock! I love him, he's great.


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people say my fursona's morbid, lol
Morbid? I say he's actually really interesting. Definitely not an idea I see every day, but I'm digging it o.o
But maybe that's just me being a huge nerd for combining biology and machinery


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Here's Stephanie, my main sona, and another OC I'm still working on

Both of these arts were done by a guy going by Galactic_Jaguar42 on reddit. He doesn't appear to have an FA.

Edit: for some reason they loaded back-to-front. Steph is the Lynx


  • oncilla_by_galacticjaguar_deatx96-pre.png
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  • lynx_by_galacticjaguar_deary4c-pre.png
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