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I haven't designed mine yet, i mean I have some ideas, but I am so bad at drawing so i feel stupid if I put them on paper. Here's what I've got so far:

Nightshade, Age unknown, Fox-dragon Hybrid,

that and personality stuff, but.... XD


It will come together more with some time. :)
:) that's what I'm hoping, and I'm just kind of letting it play out on it's own. I've got most of it figured out, my hardest problem is those dang horns. I really want them on my sona tho so I'm not giving up on it XD


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
By: Dokta


my fursona is a border collie w/ ragdoll cat characteristics (personality, tail)
his name is liam and he's mute and hangs out w/ a bunch of horses

he's not naturally pink, he's white and brown in colouration but has dyed his fur - he sometimes wears extensions in his hair

This is Cherry! I did this referencesheet for her a day ago


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Hunter of Monsters
After many years, I finally settled on a male Wolf.
Einuko Reference finished (F2U lineart by tesxacoyote).png

Originally, i got the idea of creating a fursona while playing Second Life, and felt like I was being rushed into it. During this time, I started with a domestic cat, and later a Sergal. A few years later I created a fursona named "Ghotek" that was very unique and whimsical (based off of a dream character; I wiped the information completely from my computer a few years after this).

Finally, in 2020, I seriously started thinking about making a fursona based off of my ideals and what I wanted to be, merged with fantasy ideas that naturally sprung up around the fursona.

These fantasy ideas, as it were, quickly turned into lorebuilding, and my old high school writing skills really took off. My fursona, Einuko, is part of a fictional race called the "Negilowntin" (pronounced Neh-jee-lohn-tin).