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Loud'n Proud


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big anxious kitty
One of my lesser-knowns, Mei, a giant lappet-faced vulture. :D
(The lack of background kind of makes getting a sense of scale impossible, she quite beeeg!)

Courtesy of Ukabor :D
I also got a Vulture recently

Here's Victoria, my Bearded Vulture. Her ref was traced because I suck at birds, so here's the only art of her I can share. by @TheSushiOwl


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This is my sona, she goes by the nicname "Mori" as that is my irl nickname.
I have had her for a bit, but recently started drawing her in a style I enjoy -so here is what I drew today and yesterday


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Just a folf.... paired with the best-est drox ever
the boi feeding into his caramel addiction... (caramel milkshake)


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Sigvard Alfrothul

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I’m afraid as of now I have not yet had the time to properly draw my fursona. I’m an old school artist and typically spend my free time crafting objects for other people so the best I got is my profile picture at least for now.... I work sooo much better making 3-D objects