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Jackpot Raccuki

Fucking Racon
Ya see, Raccoons are NOT morning people.

Art by hotarusunshine

Here, blast this at max volume if you want
So it may not be the same thing... But y'know, he's dancing so I guess it counts!

Art by franzii
Dance is based on this song:
This is OllietheOtter! My friend drew this as my first OC a while ago.
First Sketch
Eye Winking Version

Eye Open Version

The Full Body OC is too large to post here, but you can see it on my reddit/twitter linked in my signature!
i dont know the last time i posted in this thread but i probably only had 2 sona's back then so im gonna post here again with a complete list of my sonas!

First we have Silver: (this will be the longest of my character descriptions)
Silver is my own homebrew wolf species i call Spire-Wolves
Spire wolves take traits from other pieces that they mate with based on how strong the relationship is, normally they look like your average wolves

Silver is the sona ive had the longest and is the most defined by my life experiences and things ive discovered about myself, Lately Silver has made the shift from being male to being Herm/Intersex as i discovered lately that i have wishes to have aspect of both the male and female genders.

Then we have Dawn:
Dawn is my Western Dragon sona that is far more on the shy side than Silver

After that we have Kyle:
Who is my more submissive / pet-play sona whom my mates enjoy teasing me about and using his name to tease/excite me.
hes an adorable little otter with a Norse Pagan tattoo and necklace.

And last up we have Kelly!:
Kelly is my latest addition, and is an adorable kangaroo who loves to snuggle and just generally chill, he is often seen wearing his signature destiny themed jacket and Deer-fox pendant necklace to show his devotion to one of my mates sonas, who is such a creature.​

(all their SFW refs will be attached below!)

(i will also link silvers NSFW ref (male and Herm/intersex) as a spoiler because anyone interested in his species can read more on him in those posts!)

And just in case you wanna check out more art ive had done:
My FA page!


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