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Just a Horse Trying to Avoid Life's Manure
I finally got mine in, My Fursona Renegade


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Hello this is me Euroan the red wolf, you all look so great. Pls check my link, I don't have any image places other than deviantart and furaffinity.


It's how I would want my fursuit to look. Without the smudging, the black part went into fails. Thus traditional media arggh.
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Vanessa Howl

Damsel Of Darkness

This is the human version for one of mine: Vanessa Howl (who calls herself the "Damsel Of Darkness") the psychotic, serial killer gothic wolf with an obsession with death and killing people and a knack for hiding the evidence.

There's a whole thing I wrote for her but there is no way in all hell that the FAF mods will let me post it so just know that she's SUPER fucked up and enjoys every moment she has with her prey. We can't all be saints, right?

PC Master Race

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My sona's 3 forms, made in hero forge : elephant, "shark" and boar
I'm not a fan of the fish tail model for mermaids in hero forge, so I gave him the naga tail instead
And there're like TWO clothing items for taur lower body lol, so I'm not gonna give him any fancy armor ; he's just a blacksmith, that's all




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((The artwork of my character is my own artwork. <3 Please do not take.))

This is my cutie Cara Kitten. She represents my feminine side. ((I identify as a pretty heavy Masc Lesbian.))
She really helps me get back in touch with my feminine side. <3​


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BONUS, My Fursona as different species:

This Wolfy is my Fursona Appius, He's been with me (or rather, has represented me) all the way to back my school days (from Elementary to College) upto this very day ^w^