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Show me your art!





Always ill as hell
I hope WIPs are okay?
At the moment, while I'm working in between a commission and a free request for some clients, I've been also working on renewing my commission price sheet (for single character art) by drawing some new OCs as examples. One of them is for the clean line art version:

Then unfortunately, while I was working on multiple art at once while having the TV on as background noise, I accidentally watched a show on 'How to increase your money' via gauging which wallet (and color of it) will bring it in made me color a different version of the boy because I got worried...

So now I'm undecided on which color version I should use for my commission example sheet here... (Personally, I like the 'ice unicorn boy' because that was the original theme I was going for, but the 2nd one I thought would be more 'eye catching' and might get people interest?)

My FA gallery can be found in my signature below, while if you want to see some examples of me constantly posting WIP /having 1 finished piece as well as what I draw, my closed thread on Free Art is in the Art Trades and Exchange thread.