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Show me your art!


i am a multimouse!
Furry request done!


Canopus the Dreamer

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Hopefully this is not too egregious, I have drawn in about 12 years.

I drew a propaganda for a fictitious space faring trade league. I am trying to be old school, using pencil, paper and ink.

I drew my inspiration from the Hanseatic League (or Hansa) hence why the language is german. I have also taken some inspiration fro American radio adverts, by adding loads of caveats at the bottom of the poster.


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My new illustration! CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!

This illustration is gorgeous Lofi!!

I love the texture, the well-used colors, the whole story, and both their expressions! I can totally see you put a lot of effort into this.

I'm not wearing a hat, but if I were, I'd do a "hats off to you".
VERY well done.


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Here is one I haven’t put on FA yet (i’ve been away a long time and so I am slowly uploading older work as I get to my newer stuff). Procreate


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So yesterday I finished this new piece and I felt so stupidly proud about it I wanted to share it with you :)

I know by experience that this "proud" feeling doesn't last long, so I better upload it now before this feeling goes on vacation mode. *shrugs*