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Show me your art!

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I've been trying to make my character drawings more "cuter" for the past few weeks. Before all my stuff looked very dark and creepy lol. Maybe it's from the tutorials I've looked at.


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I just finished up a piece that took me the better part of this month, mainly because I decided to try a whole bunch of new things all at once. New body types, new perspectives, new shading, etc. It is also NSFW. Link in spoiler.

NSFW for sexual content and themes.


Here is my latest work. He is my longtime favorite pathfinder rpg character, a kitsune sorcerer named Melrakki. He is an enchanter, so I sorta wanted to go over-the-top with his presentation. May have gotten a little carried away! I wanted to try to crank this one out quickly since I tend to be pretty slow, so it could use some refinement for sure. It's only on flat colors now, and I'll probably go back and try to work out shading and highlights. I'm also still pretty terrible at clothing, so that is likely going to be worked on some more for a final product...Let me know what you think!

Also, here is a link to the nude version: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40478629/

Melrakki Clothed flat colors.jpg

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E. Fuscus from the discount section
Some non-furry art from my dA page:




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Half-life was some inspiration for the art yeah. I find the Xen world to be fascinating
Black Mesa's Xen is one of the most immersive setpieces I've ever seen in a game. The Gonarch was pant-shittingly terrifying. I remember being backed into a corner by it once and the fight or flight instincts were kicking in. I managed to run past it after stunning it with a grenade.