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Show me your art!


Eternally Confused Feline
I did my secondary OC in a suit.

I really need to figure out backgrounds. Also I probably should have done more floof

Otherwise pretty happy with it. I mainly used this as a practise for shading and it came out pretty good in that regard, imo.


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Fanatic Artist


Another one of aelius's characters that I love so very much. This is Vera Blade, a sultry and seductive snow leopard serving as sniper and spy for the R-Force with the codename "Mirage." I felt like drawing her in a bow stance; after all, her equivalent martial art is kung fu.

I also drew her in what might be her training outfit. I totally approve of how a leotard is part of it. I've never seen it drawn in color so I went with whatever colors I thought the various parts of it might have.

I love how she always has a smile on her face.

Mirage © aelius
Art © me


Fanatic Artist


The World's Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course (named “The Beast”) was in town and August did not miss the chance to have some fun and get some exercise as well. Donning a so-called "extreme" outfit, he maneuvers through the course with the grace of a master traceur, hoping to reach the end as quickly as possible. He feels like a contestant on a sports game show from the 90s long gone.

Civilians who are familiar with August remain baffled about how he suddenly became so agile. They especially wonder if certain parts of his outfit are actually necessary.

I've recently developed a kink for harnesses. O^_^O