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Show me your art!


Local Trash Rat
recently made this free to use base!! ;oo

download link available here!


Cute cow that likes computer hardware
This is a prototype of a sticker, I did a few years ago.


Wants to ride in a Hydro Bronc


About time I drew a character of heroicswordsman23's other than Starshard, eh? This here is Zipline, a larcenous raccoon who was apparently inspired by Sly Cooper. But this guy uses a grappling gun instead of a cane. I felt like drawing him demonstrating the badass "Feral/Shadow Pounce" ability from the Sly Cooper franchise.

I wonder if he too is often pursued by a police officer vixen whom he is secretly in love with. XD

Zipline © heroicswordsman23
Art © me


Monsters are hot. :)
Here's a mix of trade, commission, and personal art!



Wants to ride in a Hydro Bronc


Have any of you here heard of the variant of gymnastics known as Aerobic Gymnastics?

I haven't seen any art of this sexy and badass sport anywhere in the fandom so I had to create it myself.

The pose in this pic was actually inspired by one of a few images I saw a very long time ago. They were rather pleasant to look at. But now, I can't find those images anywhere, but I still have a decently clear image of the poses and even the leotard designs.